Dagon Produce provides fresh, local produce to the Coastal Bend – Riverside, California

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Corpus Christi, Texas — Joel Treviño Launches in 2019 Produced by Dagon He directly connected local farmers and consumers to meet the needs he saw at Coastal Bend.

“I saw a lot of farmers coming home with their produce after the farmers market. When I asked them what they were doing, they just threw it into compost,” Treviño said. I did.

Treviño started its business by delivering baskets of fresh ingredients to local restaurants, but soon after a friend suggested it, it began delivering it to individuals.

“I still focus on restaurants. I like to do that because it delivers food to the masses. But individual baskets, it’s like where bread and butter are.” He said.

Dagon Produce is currently 8 local farmers, Deliver products in the subscription basket.

During the pandemic, Dagon Produce actually expanded its business.

“I started taking more orders, and people started saying,’Hey, we don’t want to go out, can you do this for us?’ .. I hired a few additional drivers, took precautions as much as possible, and went ahead and started delivering these baskets. In other words, it was a big increase. We’ve moved from delivering 9 baskets a week to about 60 baskets a week, “says Treviño.

But this business did more than just benefit the consumers who receive the food. It also helped farmers who lost the opportunity to sell their products directly to buyers due to a pandemic.

“Farmers markets were closed, so farmers could actually make a lot of money they wouldn’t have been able to make. Everyone was cautious. They made money. It was a great way for them to make money because they had lost it, “said Treviño.

Treviño delivers a portion of the basket himself, but also hires a local college student to help with the delivery.

“They need money because there are college students taking college classes with us, which is a great way for them to learn and know about our community,” he said.

Treviño said his favorite part of his business is to connect farmers and consumers and educate people in coastal bends about the options they have available.

“Many people take it for granted that this is local. It’s easier to get from HEB than to go to the farmers market. Dagon Produce really wants to shut down its delivery system. So you don’t have to go to HEB to get your produce. You can deliver all your local produce to your doorstep, just as you would from a farmer’s market, “he said.

Dagon Produce offers weekly, twice weekly or monthly baskets. 4 different sizes..

Dagon Produce provides fresh, local produce to the Coastal Bend Source link Dagon Produce provides fresh, local produce to the Coastal Bend

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