Daily Wisconsin COVID-19 Update: 1,863 New Cases, One Death – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-11-29 17:26:51 –


  • 1,863 new cases.
  • 1 new death; 4 added to the system
  • A total of 8,973 people died.
  • 1,432 inpatients, 391 in the ICU

On Monday, the Wisconsin Department of Health reported an additional 1,863 new COVID-19 cases. The state had an average of 2,622 new cases per day last week.

There were 2,477 new cases on this day last year, averaging 4,179 for 7 days.

One died and a total of four were added to the Health Services Department’s system, increasing the total death toll in Wisconsin to 8,973. Delays in reporting deaths across the state are affecting these numbers.

Milwaukee County has reported 196 new confirmed cases, with a total of 160,864 cases reported in the county since the pandemic began. The county’s seven-day average is 349 cases per day. None of the deaths added to the system are in Milwaukee County, and the death toll has remained at 1,691 since the pandemic began.

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