Daily Wisconsin COVID-19 Update: State Reports 721 New Cases, 11 New Deaths – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-05-04 16:46:50 –


  • 721 new cases.
  • 8,666 active cases.
  • 11 new deaths;
  • A total of 6,850 deaths.
  • 326 inpatients.


On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Department of Health reported an additional 721 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases. The state had an average of 633 new cases per day last week.

The state reported 11 new deaths, with Wisconsin’s death toll reaching 6,850.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 8,666 active cases (1.4%) out of 600,297 cases. Patients recovered in about 97.4% (584,515 cases) of all cases. Patients who were considered to have recovered had no symptoms of COVID-19 or had been tested positive for 30 days.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association reported that there are currently 326 patients in the hospital, 98 of whom are in the intensive care unit.


In Milwaukee County alone, 72 new cases totaled 105,266. The county’s 7-day average is 117. Milwaukee County has reported one new death.

Milwaukee County has the highest death toll at 1,299. Other counties that have killed more than 70 are Waupaca (523), Racine (343), Kenosha (307), Dane (302), Brown (241), Outagamie (202), Winevago (195) and Marathon (187). , Rock (168), Dodge (163), Washington (151), Sheboygan (140), Walworth (136), Waupaca (118), Fond du Lac (111), Jefferson (109), Eau Claire (107), Chipewa (94) ), Grant (85), Ozaukee (84), Lacrosse (83), Baron (82), Wood (80), Shawano (72).

The state can now process a daily capacity of 59,273 tests across 137 labs. 16 more labs are planned to participate in the testing work.

Anyone who wants to be tested should be able to get it from their GP or one of many regional testing sites.If you are exhibiting one These symptoms, It is recommended to take the test. The options are:

As it continues, the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to limit the time in public places that may be exposed to people outside the home. If you need to be in public, practice social distance (more than 6 feet of space between you and others), wear a mask or face cover if possible, and have good hygiene. Practice the condition (wash your hands after an exposure event occurs).

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May 4, 2021

3:46 pm

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