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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-02-23 04:24:14 –

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Updated February 22 Dak Prescott

# 4 QB

Height: 6-2 Weight: 238 lbs University: Mississippi

Last week, the Texans suffered from power outages and food and water shortages throughout the state, and Dak Prescott helped during the winter storm crisis.

OurCalling is a Dallas-based non-profit organization that serves the homeless. Actor / Texas Matthew McConaughey also donated money for a meal.

Updated on February 4th CeeDee Lamb

# 88 WR

Height: 6-2 Weight: 189 lbs University: Oklahoma

9:17 am -The big question this offseason is whether cowboys with healthier rosters and some important HR decisions can return to the 2021 playoffs.

CeeDee Lamb is confident in the rebound season.

“I’m definitely not going to see 6-10,” Ram said Wednesday when asked about the team’s expectations for the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. “If you do, we clearly felt like we shortened ourselves.) Just as everyone just entered the season, and in the way it went down, you got it I hate to see, but it’s all part of it, and we know it.

“The NFL is a tough match. Many want it to be great. Many want to stay healthy, but obviously not. As a team, we’re on injury bugs. It’s been a blow, but I’m looking forward to better preparation and good health next season. “

——————————————– Updated January 25 2021 Senior Bowl

Alabama Mobile

4 pm -Here is Senior Bowl Week, where the pre-draft evaluation process is in full swing. The best senior prospects in class this year will be on stage in Mobile, Alabama.

However, the NFL also announced 30 undergraduates who were specially qualified for this year’s draft, as well as 30 prospects who remained college football qualified and met their degree requirements.

click here For a complete list.

——————————————– Updated January 22

1:03 pm- Alicia Laundry, wife of Tom Landry, a longtime Cowboys head coach, died this week at the age of 91.

The Cowboys released a statement on social media on Friday to support the laundry family.

“The Jones Family and the Dallas Cowboys Organization express their heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the Laundry Family for the death of Alicia Laundry.”

Alicia and Tom were married for over 50 years before Tom died in 2000.

——————————————– Updated January 21 Keren Moore

Offense coordinator

University: Boise Birthplace: Prosser, Washington

1:18 pm- The Cowboys don’t seem to lose an aggressive coordinator to their division’s rivals, which makes breathing easier.

The Philadelphia Eagles shook last week when they requested an interview with Keren Moore for a free head coach job. Moore was reportedly interviewed for the job on Tuesday.

But that wasn’t intended, as there were rumors Thursday afternoon that Philadelphia was ready to hire Indianapolis Colts attack coordinator Nick Sirianni for work. Sirianni coached three seasons in Indianapolis under Frank Reich, a former Eagles offensive coordinator.

That decision means keeping Moore in Dallas for the third consecutive year as an aggressive coordinator. Moore helped the Cowboys finish in 1st place in the NFL in 2019, for a total of 6th place. In 2020, they still finished 14th and 17th in total as the unit was injured and devastated.

Moore signed a three-year extension to stay on the team a few weeks ago when he was asked for a head coaching opportunity at his home school, Boise State University.

——————————————– Updated January 20 Maurice Linguist

Defensive back

5:57 pm -Maurice Ringist, cowboys defensive back coach in 2020, announced Wednesday that he is the new co-defensive coordinator and defensive back coach at the University of Michigan.

The linguist joined the Cowboys staff in 2020 and coached the secondary with Al Harris.

The Cowboys are expected to formally hire Joe Whitt Jr. as a defensive staff, perhaps to work with the Secondary. Last year, Whit staffed Dunquin, a new defensive coordinator in Atlanta, as a secondary coach / defensive pass game coordinator, and from 2008 to 2018, head coach Mike McCarthy of Green Bay.

——————————————– Aden Durde

Defensive line

Birthplace: Middlesex, England

9:44 am- The Cowboys are expected to hire Adendurde as their new defensive line coach. He used to be a Dunquin staff member at the Atlanta Falcons. Durde will replace Jim Tomsla, who was fired after the season with defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Durde also has a cowboy relationship and spends the 2014-15 season on a minority fellowship program.

Originally from England, Durde has been a two-season quality control coach for the Falcons since 2018 and has taken over as an external linebacker coach this past season.


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