Dallas Keuchel, White Sox eye series victory over Royals – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-08-05 03:40:07 –

5 runs, 5 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings may not shout “Sterling” to many pitchers, but for Chicago White Sox left-handed Dallas Keuchel, behind Saturday’s box score What was in was still special.

“This is probably the best physical I’ve felt throughout the season,” Keuchel said. “I felt like the ball was coming out of my hand. It sinks and cuts. Mix the sliders well.”

As Chicago hosts the Kansas City Royals in a three-game set of rubber games, he aims to further develop that feeling on Thursday night.

The Keuchel admitted that he was the victim of the “insufficient mechanical flaw” that caused the home run on Saturday, but one of the three Cleveland Indians hit him long admitted in the next breath. right. “

The Keuchel (7-4, 4.51 ERA) began to cover 271/3 innings with a 1-2 on 6.26 ERA on July 5th. The July 26 defeat in Kansas City included four runs and six hits in six innings, including two Jorge Soler home runs and Andrew Benintendi’s home run.

The Royals then traded Solar to the Atlanta Braves, but Benintendi 7-1 in Kansas City on Tuesday, as Keuchel competes for the first Homer Free Start since June 20th, if that’s comforting. The tension on my left shoulder continues. Loss to the White Sox.

After taking a conservative approach to the spring training workload, Keuchel hopes to move towards the sensory-improved commands described after Saturday’s outing-his control is his endurance and It has a positive effect on stamina.

“The off-season thinking process was that there wasn’t a full season in two years,” Keuchel said. “It’s not supposed to overthrow 100 balls in the game. That’s not good for you, so I know I have to say to be able to get off to a 35-40 start. Did you improve your pitch-making ability in the first month or so to get off to a good start and become that long-lived man? “And I did. “

Keuchel will face Royals in 2.76 ERA in 12 careers and oppose rookie left-handed Daniel Lynch aiming to reverse the fear of starting May 8 in Chicago 6-2 is.

Lynch (1-3, 6.95 ERA) was unable to escape the first inning of the night and abandoned eight runs with seven hits and one walk, scoring two outs.

Lynch chose Triple A Omaha following his next start and has shown significant improvements since returning to the team last month, scoring 1-1 with 1.93 ERA covering 14 innings starting July 2nd. ..

Kansas City hit four home runs on Wednesday to even out the series for a 9-1 victory.

“We’re sharpening,” said Royals outfielder Michael A. Taylor. He made a solo home run in his two hits. “Everyone is working …. as long as you keep working and stick to the plan, it will turn around.”

Kansas City’s lead-off man, Whit Merrifield, finished 3-5 one night after 12 consecutive hits.

The Royals have won the White Sox four out of the last six.

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Dallas Keuchel, White Sox eye series victory over Royals Source link Dallas Keuchel, White Sox eye series victory over Royals

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