Dallas Police Officer Faces Murder In 2017 Killing | Texas

According to officials, Dallas police officers were arrested for two murders more than a year and a half after a man told investigators that they had kidnapped and killed two people at the direction of police officers in 2017.

According to a police statement, 13-year military veteran Brian Riser was arrested Thursday morning and taken to Dallas County Jail for processing. Riser wasn’t listed in online prison records Thursday night, and his lawyer couldn’t be identified immediately.

Riser is unrelated to Liza Sentz (31) and Albert Douglas (61) after a man came forward in August 2019 and told police that he had kidnapped and killed them at Riser’s direction. I was arrested for the murder. Press conference. He said investigators were unaware of the motives for the killings, but they had nothing to do with Riser’s police work.

Garcia did not explain why Riser was arrested about 20 months after the witnesses appeared, and police refused to answer subsequent questions about timing.

Riser joined the division in 2008, admitting that Garcia was patrolling Dallas during an investigation into the murder.

The chief emphasized that his murder department and the FBI are still investigating the murder case, saying the department is considering arresting Riser.

Saenz’s body was pulled from the Trinity River in southwestern Dallas on March 10, 2017, injuring several bullets, the chief said. Douglas was reported missing that year and his body was not found.

Kevin Kidd, Emmanuel Kilpatrick, and Jamon Simmons have been charged with murder for the murder of Sentz. Kilpatrick has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his father and son. Kid and Simmons remain in Dallas County Jail for murder due to the deaths of Senz and his father and son. Simmons has been charged with another death.

One of the men charged with Sentz’s murder told police that he and Riser were involved in the robbery when he was young, according to an affidavit of Riser’s arrest. It does not identify men by name.

Recently, Riser and his man allegedly planned to rob the drug trafficker, but they didn’t do it. Instead, according to the affidavit, the man told investigators that Riser offered to pay him a total of $ 9,500 to kidnap and kill Douglas and later Senz. Both were shot and their bodies were dumped in the river, the court said.

The affidavit states that the murderer Sentz, who was hired by Riser, said he was the “informant.” The document was not detailed and police refused to answer questions about whether Saenz had anything to do with the department.

Murder charges are not the first crime alleged by police officers. In May 2017, Riser was charged with domestic violence for assaulting and injuring her ex-girlfriend. It was not immediately clear how the case was resolved.

Riser was on leave until the results of the internal affairs investigation were available. “We intend to facilitate our process,” Garcia said to his firing.

“We don’t allow anyone to hurt this badge,” said the chief.

A spokesperson for the Dallas District Attorney said her office had no information about the case.

Dallas Police Officer Faces Murder In 2017 Killing | Texas

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