Damaged gas line leaves Elyria-Swansea residents without gas for days – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-07-30 23:54:42 –

Denver — Residents of the Elyria-Swansea area are dissatisfied with the lack of gas for three days and can be longer.

According to a statement released by Xcel Energy, it is unclear how long it will take to make the necessary repairs to the damaged gas line.

For people living in 48 areas, digging, turmoil, and turmoil are becoming too much.NS Avenue and Clayton Street.

“When will this stop?” Said Lilia Uribe.

On Wednesday, Uribe went to the stove and noticed that it wasn’t working. She immediately thought it was broken. Not knowing what was going on, she called her neighbors and noticed they also had no gas.

Some residents of the area said they had been notified of a major power outage, but Uribe claimed to have not received text messages, emails, or letters. She said people just appeared in her house, stopped her meter and dug around it. She asked the employee what was happening, but said she couldn’t get an honest answer.

Denver7 contacted Xcel Energy, stating that the trunk line was damaged, but did not elaborate on how it happened and who was responsible.

The crew began digging outside Uribe’s house on Friday, exchanging gas pipes to the main line and home.Heavy equipment, trucks, and more than 20 employees block parts of Elizabeth Street, 48 peopleNS Avenue when they worked to make the necessary repairs.

Uribe said the noise of drilling, sawing and drilling can be unbearable and can be frightening.

“I’m scared because it could blow up,” Uribe said.

She said the most frustrating parts were the inability to take a hot shower and the lack of communication from the energy company.

For the past three days, Uribe cooked dinner on the outside grill and used a camping stove to boil water and take a bath.

“Like the old days,” Uribe said. “We had no choice.”

Xcel Energy has issued a statement thanking its customers for their patience during difficult times. He added that “significant” work needs to be done to replace some of the damaged gas lines.

Uribe wants Xcel Energy to do something to make up for the inconvenience to the community she says is often overlooked.

Damaged gas line leaves Elyria-Swansea residents without gas for days Source link Damaged gas line leaves Elyria-Swansea residents without gas for days

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