Dan Bongino doesn’t know why Facebook loves him

To be sure, Mr. Bongino’s disgust is nothing new. His right-wing boxing brand is similar to what talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have been doing for decades. He is good at turning daily cultural war skirmishes into bait for bipartisan wrath, with left-wing villains and right-wing heroes appearing repeatedly and inevitably dunking them. (Typical headline: “CNN’s Fred learned about his brother’s coronavirus policy.”) And he is adept at creating certain types of industrial-scale content of value on the Internet today and is social. Original posts, remixed memes, videos and found footage on media.

“Maybe I’ll take some interesting clips of President or Kayleigh McEnany and mix them with my show clips. That seems to work for us,” he said. “Where my content is posted, we just get an incredible response.”

In addition to his Facebook page, Mr. Bongino and a small team of writers maintain the Bongino report. A news aggregator was launched last year to address conservatives who felt the Drudge Report was too liberal. He publishes podcast episodes and videos, opposes “Deep State,” denounces “Russian pranks,” and promotes false claims about Hunter Biden’s laptops. These are all fairly standard Fox News stories, repackaged for Facebook viewers.

Bongino’s popularity began to skyrocket during the Covid-19 blockade this spring as the election season began to overheat and QAnon, a Trump-backed conspiracy movement, became more popular. (Bon Gino is not a QAnon promoter, but his content is popular with supporters of the movement.)

Unlike Shapiro, who found the website The Daily Wire using the network of affiliated Facebook pages to generate traffic, Bongino said, “Absolutely, decisively, 100, to increase Facebook’s presence. I swear I have never used uncontrollable tactics.

“We don’t use bots,” he said. “I don’t advertise much on Facebook.”

Instead, he says his popularity is due to Facebook’s old and conservative user base and the writers who “almost accomplished the cottage industry” by understanding the platform’s algorithms and working for him. It was.

Like Mr. Trump, Mr. Bonzino frequently criticizes Facebook and other Silicon Valley tech companies, and he believes he is censoring conservatives. His own posts have been flagged several times by Facebook’s third-party fact checkers, and it’s only a matter of time before social networks crack down on him more aggressively.

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