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Riverside, California 2021-06-19 20:21:47 –

The search for the little boy and woman who went missing after tubing Duke Energy Dam has ended. Three of their families have died.

Rockingham County, North Carolina — The search for the two missing women and boys on the Dan River ended on Saturday. Rockingham County emergency officials said 30-year-old Teresavi Jano and 7-year-old Isia Crawford were two of a family of nine who crossed the Duke Energy Dam on a river near Eden on Wednesday night. ..

Three people have died, including the mother of a missing boy, 27-year-old British Crawford of Eden. Officials said 30-year-old Antonio Ramon of Eden and 16-year-old Sophie Wilson of Laport, Indiana were also among the dead.

The other four were rescued. They are 35-year-old Eden’s Ruben Villano and his children 14-year-old Eric Villano and 18-year-old Irene Villano. Karlos Villano, 14, in Laport, Indiana, was also rescued.

The family of two is still missing.

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“As we end our search and rescue operations, we are confident that we have made every effort to rescue or recover the two remaining victims of the tubing incident on Wednesday,” said a Rockingham County spokesman. .. “At this point, we will suspend all search, rescue, and recovery efforts. We remained optimistic that we could save the two victims.”

According to authorities, the search involved multiple aircraft and many rapid water rescue teams from multiple jurisdictions.

The search for women and boys continued on Saturday with the help of rescue teams from High Point and Forsyth County.

The Greensboro Fire Department also dispatched eight members of the station on Saturday to assist the search team.

Emergency authorities continued to be optimistic that the search would end as a rescue.

“We want to remain optimistic about rescue, not recovery,” Rockingham County Emergency Management Director Rodney Kates said in an interview on Friday.

The family went to tubing on Wednesday when they crossed the Duke Energy Dam.

Officials said there were signs of warning the tubers that the dam was ahead and it was unclear why the group continued to float.

Almost a day after the accident, a family of four was rescued at the bottom of the dam when Duke Energy workers clung to their inner jurisdiction and saw them underwater.

“I was very tired and nervous because of the elements and the physical strength needed to hold up, day, night, and until someone got there,” Kates said.

Survivors are recovering, but healing requires more than medicine, Kates said.

The county sheriff’s office said three members of the group were found dead in the river late Thursday-a few miles downstream from the dam. Among them, Isia Crawford’s mother and Sophie Wilson, a 16-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, the community is gathering to help the survivors.

“Let’s help this family as a community,” said Steve Baker.

Steve Baker of Eden keeps in touch with his family through Wilson’s mother. He doesn’t know his family, but he wants to raise $ 50,000 to help them at the funeral.

He said the family wanted to fill their loved ones together in Indiana, where many of them came from.

“In the end, I hope the penny doesn’t come out of this family’s pocket. Let’s see what we can do to help this family,” Baker said.


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