Dance Moms’ Zackery Torres claims to have been “bullied” at the show

Save tears for your pillow. Dance mom Alum Zackery Torres Looking back on their time in the reality series, they claimed it wasn’t all clean.

“It was the first time I really understood the meaning of being bullied by dancing in a particular way,” said the 21-year-old dancer. Page 6 Thursday, June 10th. “I’m not sure who’s responsible. I think we have a responsible system. I think it’s something we all need to be aware of and keep talking.”

University of Southern California graduates first appeared in Season 1 of Abbey’s Ultimate Dance Competition Before 2012 participate Dance mom cast With an instructor Abby Lee Miller.. At that time, Zackery and her mother Gina Torres, “Shocked” by the “crazy” behavior shown by the parents of other dancers.

Zackery Torres Courtesy of Zackery Torres / Instagram

While working on a halftime show that ended in September 2019 after eight seasons, they met “many of the really great people”, but the pressure was overwhelming. Dance is “rooted in many historical traditions,” but when I said “dance like a boy,” I didn’t really understand what the teacher meant.

“There are a lot of harmful moments when I’m pulling me back when I was young and appearing on that TV show,” Zackery explained. “That’s what we all need to know. We all grew up like this. Maybe I was bullied to dance like this … but stop there and Don’t tell it to the next generation of young people. “

Earlier this month Reality TV Alum Announces They Are Migrating.. “That is, if you don’t know, I’m transgender. My pronoun is them / her, which means they or she are completely fine,” they said on social media “latest in life.” Information “said. “I’ll jump here and tell you I’m going to post more on Tiktok, and I’m excited about it!”

The former is not just Zackery Dance mom A star who talks about the negativeness of the show. June 2020, Adriana Smith Miller accuses 55 of making racist remarks To her and her daughter, Kamlin, during the eighth season of the show. The owner of Abbey Lee Dance Company announced a public apology shortly after the allegations became a hot topic.

“I truly understand how my words influenced me and deeply regret it. [sic] I have hurt people around me, especially those in the black community, in the past. I’m really sorry for Kamlin, Adriana, and others I hurt, “she wrote via Instagram at the time. “I understand that racism can come not only from hatred, but also from ignorance. Whatever the cause, it is harmful and it is my fault.”

The· Everything I learned about life was learned in a dance class The author goes on to say: “I can’t change the past or get rid of the harm I’ve done, but I promise to educate, learn, grow, and improve myself. I’d like to get your forgiveness someday, We realize that words alone are not enough. We understand that we need time and real change. “

Smith said She would “not accept” Miller’s apology And that claim prompted dance instructor coronavirus-inspired series to pull in lifetime, Abbey’s Virtual Dance Off..

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Dance Moms’ Zackery Torres claims to have been “bullied” at the show

Source link Dance Moms’ Zackery Torres claims to have been “bullied” at the show

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