Dance Moms’Stacey, Lilly Ketchman: Where are they now?

I will continue to dance until the end of the world! Dance mom Star Stacy Ketchman Gave We weekly Exclusive updates on life with daughter Lily, husband Christopher and son Caden after the reality TV camera has stopped spinning.

“The separation of months at a time was the biggest shock to my family. It took a lot of adjustments to make it work, but my son still enjoys watching us on TV. , And he is our biggest supporter, “Stacy said. We About shooting the show. “He is the one who yells at the TV to stand up for us.”

Fans met Lily and her mother in Season 6 Dance mom, It was aired in 2016. It was featured in Season 7, but played an even bigger role in Season 8 of 2019.

“Season 8 was the longest of all the seasons we went to. We had to get up at 5am and have the camera ready at 7am,” Stacy said. We.. “The kids started school and the mom got a” chat “from the producer. After that, I shot until 3:30 pm. This was a Tuesday-Friday schedule, but I also traveled to places where competitions take place on Friday. I filmed the actual tournament on Saturday, returned home on Sunday, and the kids went to school all day on Monday. Usually there was no downtime. “

Lily Ketchman Courtesy of Stacy Ketchman

Since the end of Season 8, Lily is still creating content.

“Lily is really focused on her YouTube channel, Liliana Ketchman, and has spent a great time collaborating and producing with other YouTube users. She also recorded her first single, Underneath. It will be released soon with a music video! ”A proud mom erupted.

Stacy added that her daughter was still “very spontaneous.”

She explained: “It’s not hard to remind me that I’m always aware of my skills during this pandemic. It’s a bit uninteresting to practice these skills through the zoom or on her own, but I’m lucky. In particular, she doesn’t complain too much! Lily, like me, likes to make a to-do list in the morning so she can check everything from the list and feel a sense of accomplishment. You can taste. “

Stacy added that she and Lily travel to Los Angeles frequently, but the family of four is based in North Carolina.

“Living in North Carolina makes it even harder for Lily to pursue her dreams and pursue her career. In our small town, and even in our state, she has a great opportunity to promote her career. Limited to, “she explained. “This is a pretty good adjustment for our family, but there seems to be no other choice, and my son and husband understand very well. It’s a bit chaotic, but it’s worth it!”

For more information on the Ketchman family, please read the exclusive Q & A below.

Us Weekly: What is your favorite moment in the show?

Stacy Ketchmann: My favorite moment at the show Abbey [Lee Miller] Lily was surprised to have her father make and record an original national solo song. She played a song for her at the rehearsal, and Lily seemed surprised to say, “Is it my dad?” Someone I haven’t seen for months because she filmed the show. Then, at the competition, when Lily entered the stage, she was shocked to see her dad and brother in the front row. I’m very proud of her staying calm, which was a huge surprise to her. Her solo won the Nationals, which was a cake topping.

We: What is your favorite moment in the show?

Stacy: The moment I hate the most is arguably when I accidentally cut Lily’s hair when I cut the costume headpiece! She had a small lump of hair sticking out straight on the top of her head for months!

We: What are your aspirations for a career other than dance, with incredible achievements in many areas?

Stacy: I can’t remember why, but I wanted to be a psychologist from the second grade. I was the first in a large family to get a college degree and then a PhD in psychology. I was awarded an Army scholarship at graduate school, so immediately after graduating from school, I worked in the Army as a captain and psychologist for four years. I worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC, and then at the Womak Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I saw soldiers for mental health there.

We: How has COVID affected your life?

Stacy: We are very fortunate that the whole family was able to stay healthy during this crisis. COVID has a significant financial impact as we own the business, one of which has been completely closed from the beginning.

Dance Moms’Stacey, Lilly Ketchman: Where are they now?

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