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Charles F. Price

One of the few remaining photos of the first Best of Tucson editorial conference.

I really can’t believe myself I’m still doing this. It’s been many years since we published the first issue of Best of Tucson, and now we’re doing it with lamps. What’s next? movie?

It was a one-time deal and was supposed to be a way to resolve some of the controversy that arose among the newspaper staff. Instead, it started more discussion than it settled, and it entertained Jack Rabbit through a maze of corn. (This was actually the first winner of the best fun to do on Sunday afternoon.)

The first publisher of this wonderful publication, Josephs T. Biggers, thought that all the good things about Tucson should be celebrated, except for the warm climate all year round. He wanted to point out many great things that helped Tucson’s population explode beyond 2,000. At this speed, it could reach 10,000 by the middle of the 20th century.

But that’s a long way to go. Almost 10 years remain in this century.

I remember Tucson’s first meeting. We actually held it in the barn as the grunge meetinghouse was being used by a female aide. It was me, Howard Allen (who left the newspaper industry to attend the Travel Minstrel Show), Josephs, and Sharpshooter Jeff Smith. ..

Man, how does she keep up with the Antigoon bookstore! And now she has a book in the window of that place. (I haven’t read it yet. I think it’s a natural book such as wood and beans. I said that I’ll get it when I’m done. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea By Jules Verne. The book pleases you to sit in the middle of the desert when you are reading it. The scene of the Pacific octopus game gave me steam. Recalling when Benson found some gold nuggets, he made a mistake telling the girl in the dancehall his luck.

It became my short-lived property. But I think I had a good time that night.

Anyway, we met to discuss what we call the Best of Tucson. There was lively debate about who was the best blacksmith and who was the second best blacksmith. Then there was a fight between the two ice cream shops. One served delicious vanilla ice cream, while the other had two flavors, vanilla and non-vanilla. What wasn’t vanilla was probably vanilla with something dark in it to darken it.

The closest vote by staff that night involved asking questions about where to trade livestock. With one vote, Buffalo Exchange defeated Bison Switch.

There was a fuss when the edition came out. People have caused total controversy about some of our choices. That was exactly what the wise old Josephus wanted. A heated talkin’leads to an ardent readin’. (Our circulation almost doubled from 75 to 143 overnight.) I still have that first problem and cherish it.

Of course, we also covered the news of the week.

There was this item: New Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik places a young boy in the corner of the stone and congress and reports which riders and backboard drivers are ignoring the standard right-of-way protocol. I’m thinking about that. There were several incidents where people tried to walk across the intersection, and last month there was a big shootout between a stagecoach and a large wagon from Mr. Diamond’s ranch.

Sheriffs believe that fines a sufficient number of people for not being able to transfer their right of way will bring some law and order to the intersection. But I think some people are just trying to line up his pockets with the money he has collected.

The head of the Cowherd Association calls this idea “totally stupid.” He adds: “The one with the biggest wagon goes first. You don’t have to slow down or stop. It’s always been a Western law. We fulfill our obligations as citizens and explode our shotguns. , I think we can let people know what we’re doing. ”

He then added, “Because he knows the sheriff, he will probably hire a foreign boy as a guard.”

We all know how it turned out. Their power gravin, Birmint, in the capital of Prescott’s territory, has made it illegal for the town to pass laws, including traffic on the streets of the city. So be careful of your feet as well as avoid stepping in horse hockey.

Some of the other headlines from that issue were included:

  • Crazy Ideas in the Territorial Council: Do People Have to Pay for Water?
  • The new Italian Eatin location opens beyond the Chinese wall.
  • Does anyone go to a place called Caruso?
  • Neon Prophet Set to Play Chicago Bar Thursday Night
  • Two donkey-drawn carts collide Downtown. Whose butt has a problem?
  • Horses and their owners are washed away by Rillito after a summer storm.The council is considering a warning against “stupid riders”
  • We get college and phoenix get Mental hospital; I think it’s correct
  • Is it “Tucsonans” or “Tucsonians”?The territorial council says that only it can decide the question
  • Wyatt Earp visits Tucson.Unrelated, Frank Stillwell’s body was found at a train stop
  • Velocipede Riders request special lanes for riding. Hod Carriers asks, “Why are they special?”
  • Phoenix claims a population of 1,000. The rest of the states are skeptical. “Who wants to live there?”

The first Best of Tucson I wrote was about Wee Anthony’s Eatery, which just opened east of town. I wrote:

Wee Anthony’s Eatery has just opened east of town. It is run by We Anthony Foreman and his brother, Grand Anthony Foreman. They are both sons of Big Daddy Foreman.

Big Daddy said things were “too modern”, so he wanted his restaurant to remind people of the good old days of the 1850s.

People can carve their steaks from carcasses of cows. “The only rule we have is not to cut off any more, and we can chew,” Big Daddy warns. “We also cook their taters the way they want.”

On Saturday, they line up all the backboards and decide which one looks the best. And as a special reward, Queen Victoria and those dressed as Millard Fillmore can stand next to them and have the artist paint with a celebrity.

Best of Tucson has become a local institution. I am honored to have been part of it for many years. Just as it gets cold at night and you can’t sleep on your sleeping pouch, we get Harvest Moon, Best of Tucson. And that day, a Mexican neighbor paints his face and tries to scare his dead relatives. (I don’t know what it is. Different people have different explanations.)

Over the years, I’ve removed some categories (Best Lookin’Dance Hall Gal, Best Spitoon, Best Barber / Dentist), but Best Quick Draw Artist (Still Alive) and Marshal of the Best Town (again alive). ing). As we conclude the 19th century, we continue to celebrate the wonderful things that help make Tucson great. And for our readers (and those who need to charter and read the little red school building), Best of Tucson® always strives to be the Best… of… Tucson®.

Danehy: Legends of the West, Indeed: Tom Remembers Doing Best of Tucson® Back in the Old Days | Danehy Source link Danehy: Legends of the West, Indeed: Tom Remembers Doing Best of Tucson® Back in the Old Days | Danehy

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