Danica Patrick and Carter Comstock Kiss With New Photos Before Workout-Hollywood Life

Danica Patrick and her boyfriend Carter Comstock are taking their step and kissing them.

Danica Patrick And her new boyfriend, Cartercom stockEnjoyed a passionate pre-workout routine before the sweat session on Saturday morning. A 39-year-old former NASCAR driver went to Instagram on May 22nd to share a photo of her lips locking with a 34-year-old beauty.

In the photo, Danika wraps her arm around Carter’s neck and holds it around her waist. Her supertone legs are fully exhibited in her shorts.

“Kissing and aerobic exercise. Saturday’s. Waffles follow,” she wrote in the caption.

Danica also revealed that Carter, who co-founded Freshly, a subscription meal service, is responsible for planning their training routines. “Also, babies know more about fitness than I do … so I said you’re in charge,” she revealed.

This isn’t the first time Danica has shared a PDA photo with a new man. On April 16th, she officially made her Instagram relationship by sharing her sweet photo, and Carter snuggled up.

“Training on the beach is fun for one person, but better for you,” she says. Photo caption..

Fans are delighted to see Danica in a new relationship after a shocking split Aaron Rodgers Last year — and his Unexpected engagement To an actress Shailene Woodley.. Danica recently opened up on how difficult it is for her to dissolve.

“I think we learn best about ourselves through relationships, but there’s no such thing as a broken heart that really throws you deep into it,” Danica said. April 12th episode of Wild running on a bare grill..

Danica Patrick seems to have found love again with Carter Comstock [Shutterstock]..

“But I learned a lot and felt so much joy in more instances and unlikely places than ever before, just as I did at the sad end,” she continues. I did. “So it’s My heart broke At both ends of the spectrum. “

I don’t know exactly how long Danica and Carter are dating, but last month she opened up about the relationship in an interview with. extra, And he revealed that they have a lot in common.

“We both love to travel and both are very open-minded. We had such a grand vision of finding someone who could literally come up with a glass of wine while sitting on the couch. Simple. Every topic, from simple to complex, “she told the entertainment press.

“Just go and’let’s talk about the tree’and only go for two hours about the nature of the tree,” she added. “I’ve always imagined how great it would be to sit on the couch and find someone to talk to for hours. That’s our job.”

Danica Patrick and Carter Comstock Kiss With New Photos Before Workout-Hollywood Life

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