Daniel Ricciardo wins Italian Grand Prix after Verstappen and Hamilton crash

Championship leader Max Verstappen And defending champion Lewis Hamilton Crashed from an Italian Grand Prix, Won McLaren Daniel Ricciardo on Sunday.

Ricardo celebrated in a traditional style on the iconic Monza podium, drinking champagne from his shoes and letting his teammate Lando Norris do the same.

McLaren won the championship for the first time in nearly nine years. Jenson Button Received the checkered flag in Brazil in 2012 and Ricardo’s first victory since Monaco in 2018. He finished 1.747 seconds earlier and 4.921 seconds earlier than Norris. Mercedes Driver Valtteri Bottas showed a strong performance after starting from behind the grid after being penalized for using the new engine.

“Good time, wow,” Ricardo said. “Even if we got off to a start, there was no guarantee that we would lead the whole race. There was no megaspeed, but it was enough to put Max behind.

“Literally leading from start to finish, I think none of us expected it. But on Friday I had something. I knew something good would come. I did. “

However, the biggest topic of the race was on lap 26.

Hamilton pitted from Reed and returned to the track just in front of Verstappen. NS Red bull The driver tried to move inward on the turn as the seven-time champion defended his position.

When the two came into contact, Verstappen’s car jumped to the top of Mercedes and both slipped into the gravel.Front protective halo ring F1 The car cockpit may have saved Hamilton from serious injuries.

“That’s what you get when you stay in space,” said the ferocious Verstappen on team radio.

Hamilton took a long time to get off him, climbing only after Verstappen had left for a long time, but both drivers were able to leave their car.

Steward is investigating the case and discussing it with both drivers.

Ricardo got off to a great start, overtaking Verstappen on turn one, starting from pole position.

Hamilton, who started from 4th place behind him, managed to overtake Norris. However, he then tried to bypass the outside of Verstappen and head for the second chicane, instead being kicked across the grass, allowing Norris to regain his place.

“He (Verstappen) pushed me a lot!” Hamilton shouted on team radio.

Hamilton was then captured by Norris and could only be seen frustrated as Ricardo and Verstappen extended their advantage on each lap.

Ricardo made his first pit stop on lap 23 and finished in 7th place. Verstappen was suffering from tires and stopped on the next lap.

However, due to a 11.1 second pit stop failure, he finished in 10th place, and even worse for the Dutch driver, Hamilton overtook Norris to take the lead in the meantime.

But shortly thereafter, both drivers suffered a disaster.

Hamilton was able to stay long with his tires stiff, but eventually pitted from the top, but his stop was unusually long and he returned to the race shortly before Verstappen gathered behind Norris.

Hamilton’s teammate Bottas had a strong weekend a few days after it was revealed that he would leave Mercedes at the end of the season, but had a contrasting fate.

Bottas beat Hamilton on Friday and the Finnish driver showed a new team to win the sprint on Saturday. Alfa Romeo By driving hard on the field on Sunday, we can expect it next season.

He finished fourth on the track, but was promoted to third after being given a five-second penalty for Red Bull’s Sergio Perez first overtaking Charles Leclerc to take advantage of leaving the track.

Perez was demoted to 5th place and split Ferrari Drivers Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

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Daniel Ricciardo wins Italian Grand Prix after Verstappen and Hamilton crash

Source link Daniel Ricciardo wins Italian Grand Prix after Verstappen and Hamilton crash

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