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Daniel Wellington debuts new Quadro collection with ambassador Tina Knakey

Daniel Wellington debuted his new Quadro collection this week. With the latest move from one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing accessory brands, we have announced a new ambassador, Tina Knakey.

Photo: Daniel Wellington

Steadily, but very surely, and in just 10 years, Daniel Wellington has grown to a market of € 2.5 billion and appears ready for further explosive growth in the near future.

The name came when founder Filip Tysander was backpacking the planet and noticed a particularly handsome and dashing Australian who turned out to be called Daniel Wellington.

And something of that global trotter attitude is true about the structure of the brand. It is still designed by Stockholm’s Thai Thunder and his team. The movement will take place in Japan. Assembled in China; with leather strap made in Italy. Punchy rubber strap made in Germany.

Tysander, 36, still owns 100% of the brand launched in 2011. Within 50 years of its inception, he sold a million watches. The brand currently has a presence in 52 counties, with 450 retail outlets and nearly 6,000 doors, including kiosks, most of which are in China.

Photo: Daniel Wellington

“Looking back over the years, we’ve focused on just a few products, and be aware of what we launch. Everything we release seeks perfection. That’s why we’ve doubled our product range this year to add more unisex watches, and women’s necklaces and rings, ”explained CEO Johann Johanson.

Internationally, Daniel Wellington’s biggest partner is Timo of China. The Land And Amazon. However, from the beginning, Daniel Wellington has always had a very influencer-led marketing strategy. And I used cool actresses as ambassadors in various markets such as Korea, India and Italy. In Germany, we employ 3.9 million Stefanie Giesinger. Instagram Followers; In China, their plenipotentiary ambassador is 3.8 million Fan Bingbing.

The latest campaign in the new Quadro collection features models, actresses, hot French actors, Vincent Cassel’s partner, and Tina Knaky, the mother of her two-year-old daughter.

“We’ve been looking at Tina for a long time and she found it perfect for the Quadro collection. She’s fashionable and represents what we believe,” Johansson enthusiastically said. Did.

Photo: Daniel Wellington

Of course, the pandemic, like many others, was tricky for Marche.

“We have suffered a lot outside of the online business. Overall, the company’s overall sales have fallen by more than 10%, but not too bad compared to its competitors, so it also gains market share. I did, “emphasized the CEO.

Obviously, the brand’s minimalism and timelessness are clearly inspiring to consumers, ensuring a very high level of recognition around the world and with few returns.

“Our revenue is very low, less than 0.5% compared to many watch brands that can range up to 10%. Watches made of 316L steel, the same as top brands like Patek Philippe. Refers to the durable clasp of Johansson.

Photo: Daniel Wellington

The brand feels little pain at the cashier, and watches sell between € 150 and € 350, helping to reach the sweet spot of global marketing, the Chinese Generation Z. In one operation, Chinese influential Viya held an online web auction. Daniel Wellington sold 16,000 watches within two minutes. And the CEO wants to grow his business five-fold in five years.

Johansson is married to three children and likes to spend his vacation in Miami when he is not traveling the planet for work.

Thai Thunder, with an estimated net worth of around € 300 million, likes to be very unobtrusive. This is one of the classic characters of a moody Swedish thriller. Hopefully it’s not the same denowment as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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Daniel Wellington debuts new Quadro collection with ambassador Tina Knakey

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