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Danos Touts Employees’ Ida Recovery Efforts – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-21 23:22:55 –

Gray, Louisiana – From Danos:

Headquartered in Gray, Louisiana, Danos employs approximately 2,300 people, and as FEMA has declared, 875 live in the affected areas of Hurricane Ida. Nearly 250 (10% of all employees) were hit by severe storms, some with catastrophic consequences.

Immediately after the storm, Danos employees took action, demonstrating the company’s purpose of “solving the big challenges of our community.” Despite communication challenges, they knew that the Danos community was hurt, and they appeared and helped in the best way they knew. Even before the damage was fully assessed, Danos employees contacted their teammates to check their health and investigate their urgent needs.

With corporate operations that span the Gulf and southern and western Texas, near-to-far employees have stepped up to provide assistance through supplies, time, and effort. Many had never even met each other, but they drove for hours in dangerous situations to help their colleague in need.

“I’m very inspired by that,” said Paul Danos, CEO of the company. “Our people are giving time and resources to help each other. It’s beautiful to witness. Many of our teammates are hurt and desperate, and their colleagues are ready to help. Arrived at their doorstep. “

Brady Hebert, Operations Manager based in Danos’ Lafayette office, has formed a team of Danos employees to help deliver important supplies, clean gardens, mud and gut homes for employees in need. Did.

Account Manager Rocky Kiffe said: I didn’t even know where to start or how to find the will to get started. It was pretty devastating. Then a team of angels appeared in the little Larose, Louisiana. In 4 hours they achieved what would have taken me a month! Even one of the company owners helped pick up the debris in my yard.

“Would you like to work for a great company that cares and says it really proves it?” Kiffe added. “Come to work for Danos. I hope you don’t have to work for others for the rest of your life.”

Meanwhile, Purchasing Manager Michael Berger and Asset Manager Amanda Worrell organized the supply of water, fuel, generators, etc. and coordinated the distribution to employees who needed them.

In addition, Danos CARES, a division of the Danos Foundation, has stepped up to support the community through financial assistance. Since the storm, employees and customers have generously donated to CARES to help rescue the storm.

“There is a lot of support from our team and to our team. A true demonstration of what each other’s care really looks like,” said Paul Danos.

To date, CARES has donated more than $ 120,000 to Danos employees affected by Hurricane Ida.

An employee-led initiative, Danos CARES is created by Danos employees and funded through voluntary donations along with matching donations from the company. Funds will be distributed to Danos employees who have needs arising from unforeseen events.

Danos Touts Employees’ Ida Recovery Efforts Source link Danos Touts Employees’ Ida Recovery Efforts

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