Dark Comedy at Sunstone Studio – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-14 09:13:20 –

There is a men’s duct taped to the reclining chair. His wife Nan wants to talk to him a little. Then she stuffs her chair with meat and light rain honey on the driveway and opens her door to allow the bear to go with him. He probably deserves it. He has been abused. There are people there to see him suffering. Most of them are off stage. It’s ok: this is play.Lauren Ganderson’s Be chased by the exit, Bear Only in May of this year, and only on one weekend, you’ll be dressed in a gloomy and thought-provoking comedy.

The man in question is Kyle, who Jake Conrus played with all his heart. The truly fascinating Nicole McCarty, as the woman who confined him to the Lazy Boy, embraces conflicting emotions in a complex way. She is not alone. Several friends are helping Nan recreate the past moments of her husband and wife. As Christopher Oath, Nan’s friend Simon, he is working on a surreal intensification of his deeply concerned enthusiasm. Patrice L. Hood is delighted and passionate about the role of the ambitious actress Stripper and Sweetheart, who play many roles in the bizarre drama performed for Kyle.

Director Stacy Madson traps the tension in the comics. The fact that she works on one of the smallest stages in the city is immeasurably helpful. The strange and inevitable intimacy of Sunstone Studios amplifies the strange and small elements of comedy, drama, and even the psychological horror that pervades Ganderson’s script. Madsen finds the heart of a comedy-covered drama. What you may come across as a seemingly weird cartoon fugue explores deeper concerns about human intimacy and what cruel people can do. Nan is looking for revenge. What she found is brighter overall.

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Production of Sunstone Studio Exit, chased by a bear Continue to 127 E. Wells St until May 16th. For ticket reservations, please visit:

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