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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-06-10 15:53:09 –

Scary video footage shows a driver speeding in the wrong direction on Interstate 66 in northern Virginia on Thursday morning.

Virginia State Police said the driver went the wrong way on the Capital Beltway and I-66, colliding with at least one car and causing a wave of 911 calls.

Driver Clifford Critdenden was driving in the left lane, heading to the office via I-66, seeing many police cars heading in the opposite direction.

“After a while, I saw this car coming towards me. Fortunately, at that moment I turned,” he said.

A 30-second video from Crittenden’s dashcam shows the threat from his point of view. The reverse driver of a red car turns a curve, turns to the right, partially in the lane, and partially on the shoulder.

After the reverse driver overtook him, Falls Church’s Critenden said he saw five to ten police cars speeding in that direction, using the correct lane.

According to a police spokesman, state police began receiving calls at around 10:35 am, reporting that the driver was heading north in the southbound lane of Beltway near Exit 51. When the police responded, the driver boarded the I-66.

According to police, a driver in a reverse-way accident collided with at least one car. No injuries have been reported.

The driver finally pulled into the Rothrin area as the tire punctured. Information on arrests and prosecutions was not released immediately.

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Dashcam Footage Shows Wrong-Way Driver on I-66 – NBC4 Washington Source link Dashcam Footage Shows Wrong-Way Driver on I-66 – NBC4 Washington

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