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Wichita, Kansas 2021-06-11 14:59:57 –

In tonight’s “dating line,” investigators said Kansas prisoner John Manard fled with the help of two mothers, Toby Doll, a prison volunteer and two 20-year-old seniors. , Scramble to track the pair when in doubt about the true involvement of the doll.

In his first network interview, Dorr tells a story that has become a global headline.

Here is a preview of Andrea Cunning’s report:

On a cold February night along an isolated area of ​​the Tennessee freeway, US Marshals Service Tony Crawford and dozens of state police officers finally found the woman they were looking for.

TONY CRAWFORD: I was really looking inside the truck and I could see the top of her head. It’s about everything I could see about her.

She was sitting in the passenger seat. Scared. Two beloved mothers, 48, who are cancer survivors and community volunteers. Upon returning to Kansas’s home, her close family desperately wanted to secure her home.

Tom Farren: We were all afraid of her life.

And of course it is. When Crawford drove with the truck, he knew he had to stop the man holding the steering wheel if he wanted to go to her. A convicted murderer, armed and dangerous, could not collapse without fighting.

Andrea Cunning: He is taking you to a wild ride.

TONY CRAWFORD: Yes, that’s right. That part was the wildest chase I’ve ever done.

And a climax suitable for a wild and unlikely story that blurs the line between duty and desire. A story about an escape from both real and imaginary prisons.

Andrea Cunning: This wasn’t just about the town. This was the story of the people.

Tom Farren: Yes, that’s right. It was just unrealistic.

Check out the “Dateline” at 9pm tonight at KSN.

‘Dateline’ reexamines woman’s motives behind notorious Kansas prison break Source link ‘Dateline’ reexamines woman’s motives behind notorious Kansas prison break

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