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Bakersfield, California 2022-05-12 22:00:00 –

Families studying together will graduate together.

It happened Thursday at Bakersfield College when a 19-year-old student athlete from East Bakersfield received his diploma with both, not just one of his parents.

For her daughter Nayeli Fonseca, earning an associate degree in early childhood education and welfare services was a logical advancement in her educational career, including a summer class at BC and plans to advance to CalState Bakersfield.

But her parents’ road to college was much less traditional. Her mother, Maria Sosa Borjas, had graduated from high school, but she stopped there. It happened to Borjas that she might not have been educated until she volunteered for her son’s elementary school.

Nayeli’s father, Marco Fonseca Mendez, did not graduate from high school. He obtained a high school equivalent qualification in 2016 and enrolled in BC a few years later as a way to obtain a certificate at HVAC.

Now it is the proud daughter who urged her parents to act like her and concentrate on sticking to school.

“I supported them, and they supported me,” Nayeli Fonseca said.

Their graduation ceremony was part of the largest opening ceremony in British Columbia’s history. With the renovation of the Memorial Stadium and subsequent pandemics, more than 1,700 students have walked the stage for the first time since 2018.

Also, on Thursday, more than 100 college graduates who took classes in BC while enrolled in Irvine, Delano, and Wasco schools received their diplomas.

The idea of ​​returning to school struck Borjas while she spent hours helping teachers at Ramon Garza Elementary School. Her principal and others there encouraged her to enroll in her BC.

She eventually majored in early childhood development and social welfare. She works as a contact tracer at Kern County Principal, and her plan is to transfer to CSUB now, earn a double major within two years, and get a job as a kindergarten teacher or social worker.

Her friend Ana de La Paz, a behavioral intervention specialist who returned to Ramon Garza, noticed that Borjas always seemed to be interested in learning. When it turned out that she didn’t go on to high school, the people there told Borjas that she should continue.

“I always told her it wouldn’t be too late,” Delapas said. “There is never a time or deadline for you to continue educating … I’m proud of all three.”

Nayeli, the oldest of the three children, began full-time classes at BC in July 2020. First I majored in Nursing and then in Psychology. A competitive runner in high school, she joined BC’s cross-country and track teams while working on including the COVID-19 Canvas Sir.

Her goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology, work as a school therapist, then proceed to UCLA, get a master’s degree in psychology, and be able to start her practice.

Mendes first signed up for BC. This is because, as an appliance technician, he saw refrigeration certificates as a door to management and potentially a better payment.

But instead of stopping there, he got a full associate degree. Even now, he plans to continue taking welding courses so that he can broaden his career prospects.

“It will give me more opportunities,” he said.

Mendes was inspired by a doctoral instructor who earned a degree at the age of 55. He said that any instructor could do it if he could do it.

Now Mendes said he intends to continue studying until he gets three welding certificates.

“I feel like I’m just getting started,” he said.

Daughter, mother, father graduate from BC on same day | News Source link Daughter, mother, father graduate from BC on same day | News

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