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Minneapolis, Minnesota-Dante Wright, a young black man shot by police while transportation on the outskirts of Minneapolis was stopped, was at a funeral just two days after a former police officer was convicted of George Floyd’s death on Thursday. Was remembered in. National calculations on racism and police.

Hundreds of mourners wearing COVID-19 masks were stuffed into Shiloh Temple International Ministries to remember Wright, a 20-year-old father shot by police in a small town in Brooklyn Center on April 11. It was.

Rev. Al Sharpton, the leader of the civil rights movement, is to pay tribute and told the Associated Press that he would first pay tribute to Wright.

He was also convicted of murder and manslaughter by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was suffocated with his knees on Floyd’s neck, to attendees and those looking from a distance. He held his breath until he was exhausted last May, saying he would use his remarks to remind him that the fight for justice wasn’t over.

“Because we won one battle with Chauvin, we shouldn’t think that what we could do with George Floyd would be canceled if the war was over, or if we didn’t get the justice in this case,” Stated. “This is Round 2 and you have to win this round.”

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At Floyd’s Minneapolis funeral last year, Sharpton put Floyd’s death in the context of the atrocities long felt by black Americans.

“What happened to Floyd is happening every day in this country,” Sharpton said at the time. “It’s time to get up in George’s name and say,’Knee off your neck.'”

Some of the people who attended Wright’s funeral were filmed as “I can” with Valerie Castile, whose son Philland Castile died after being shot by a police officer during a traffic outage in the suburbs of Minneapolis in 2016. There was Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner. “Breathe” in a fatal encounter with the New York Police Department in 2014. Senator Amy Klobuchar, Governor Tim Walz, and Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey were also present.

More than 12 members from the local male armed team, Minnesota Freedom Fighters, provided security.

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Wright’s killing triggered protests in the Brooklyn Center, a city where the majority of the working class is not white, and hundreds of people gathered every night for a week outside the city’s tightly guarded police stations. The mayor urged law enforcement agencies and protesters to reduce their tactics, but at night demonstrators often lobbyed police officers in water canisters and rocks, and law enforcement agencies responded with pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

The police chief said in a body camera video that the police officer who shot the light seemed to have used a pistol with the intention of using a taser gun. A 26-year-old veteran Kim Potter, a white police officer, has been charged with two manslaughter charges. Both she and the chief resigned shortly after the shooting.

Wright’s murder took place amid heightened tensions during Chauvin’s week-long trial. By the day of the ruling, more than 3,000 National Guard had flooded the area with police, state police, and other law enforcement officers.

Residents of Minneapolis, who peacefully celebrated Tuesday’s conviction, had only one day before attention was paid to Wright’s burial.

At the viewing of the lights on Wednesday, friends and family cried as they were standing in front of the open casket of the lights covered with red roses. In an open casket, the young man was dressed in a denim jacket with some red and green jewel-like buttons on his collar.

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The obituary distributed at the monument was that Wright loved the fireworks on July 4, the “lemon head” nickname given by his aunt, and spent in the hospital intensive care unit when his son gave birth prematurely. I remembered the number of months.

The lights were pulled on Sunday afternoon. His mother said he called her saying she had been stopped because of a fragrance hanging from a rear-view mirror, a traffic violation in Minnesota. Police said he was suspended because he had an expired car registration.

Shooting took place when a brawl broke out when police tried to arrest Wright. He had a prominent warrant that he had escaped from the police and did not appear in court for having a gun without permission.

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