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Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-05-06 14:30:00 –

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota >> Dante Wright’s mother, who was deadly shot by police officers outside Minneapolis, was temporarily detained by one of the police officers in the same department after stopping to record the arrest of a person. He said he was injured when he was killed. Traffic is stopped.

Katie Wright said Thursday that Brooklyn Center officials were worried about what they would do to the handcuffed when they pulled on Wednesday night. In April 2021, her 20-year-old black son was killed during a traffic outage by a white officer, Kim Potter, who said he confused her pistol with a Taser gun.

“What I was doing was my citizen’s duty to pull and make sure those babies would safely return home to the family because I don’t want other families to do what happened to me. “Wright said.

The Associated Press today left a message asking if the officers involved would be subject to disciplinary action.

Police at the Brooklyn Center have released a body camera video showing police officers crossing several lanes on highway 252 and asking Wright for a driver’s license. Wright refused, telling the officer that she didn’t have to show him her license because she wasn’t pulled.

The policeman then pulled her out of the car, picked up the phone, placed it on the roof of the car, and led her towards the grassy median strip, with her arms behind her. Wright said her wrist was injured because her policeman grabbed her hard.

Wright tells him her name and gestures to other officers, “You guys killed my son. I’m going to film them on videotape.” Police officers told Wright that he would send her a ticket by mail, and both returned to their car.

Brooklyn Center police union President Chuck Barrow praised the police for what he called “expert response and restraint during the case.”

Along with the video, the Brooklyn Center police station issued a statement stating that the footage was released “to promote public safety and dispel widespread rumors and anxieties.”

Potter shot Dante Wright as a trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was underway last year for the murder of George Floyd and heightened tensions in the area. Wright’s death sparked several nights of protests at the Brooklyn Center, resurrecting the painful memories of intense anxiety when it happened after Floyd’s death in May 2020.

Potter, who resigned after the shooting, was convicted of manslaughter in December and sentenced to two years in prison this year.

Daunte Wright’s mother detained after recording traffic stop Source link Daunte Wright’s mother detained after recording traffic stop

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