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On Wednesday, a 20-year-old Dantelite, a father who fired on April 11, was opened to the public at a church in Minneapolis while transportation was stopped in a small town in the Brooklyn Center.

Minneapolis (AP) —Dantelite, a young black man shot by police while transportation on the outskirts of Minneapolis is stopped, is not a “child with air fresheners” but a “prince” whose life is soon over by police. “was. , Rev. Al Sharpton said Thursday during an emotional funeral.

Hundreds of people wearing COVID-19 masks were stuffed into Shiloh Temple International Ministries to remember Wright, a 20-year-old father shot by a white police officer in a small town in Brooklyn Center on April 11. It was. The funeral was held in a national assessment of racism and police just two days after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of George Floyd’s death.

“A lack of justice is a lack of peace,” said Sharpton, who praised the thunder. “I can’t tell us to silently suffer. When there is injustice, we have to speak up.”

Sharpton’s compliment included a bitter rebuke that Wright could have been pulled for hanging air fresheners from his mirror. Wright’s mother said she called her after her son was stopped and told her that was the reason he was pulled. Police say it was due to an expired registration.

“We’re coming today as Minnesota air fresheners,” Sharpton said, vowing to change federal law. “We are trying to get rid of the odor of police atrocities from the atmosphere. We are trying to get rid of the odor of racism from the atmosphere. We are trying to get rid of the odor of racial profiling from the atmosphere. is.

“Your air smells as we breathe, so we come to Minnesota as an air freshener,” he said. You can no longer breathe in your stinky air! “

The Brooklyn Center police chief said in a body camera video that the police officer who shot Wright apparently used a pistol when Wright intended to use a taser while wrestling with the police. 26-year veteran Kim Potter has been charged with manslaughter. Both she and the chief resigned after the shooting.

Ben Crump, a lawyer for both the Floyd and Wright families, who is seeking more serious accusations against Potter, said Wright’s son was “aged enough to watch a video of his father being unnecessarily murdered.” Will be. ” Minor offense, minor offense. ”

“When traffic stops, we are often sentenced to death, death sentence. We need to make sure that Daunte Jr. knows that we have stood up for his father, Daunte. “

Katie Wright, Daunte’s mother, said of her son: My son should bury me, “before burying his hands on her face.

Wright remembered that his son became the father of a premature boy. “He was very happy and proud. He said he couldn’t wait to be proud of his son. Junior was a joy in his life. He lived for him every day. “

Artist Anjou Hiltz painted a portrait of Wright (white paint on a black canvas) when trumpet player Keon Harold performed the black national anthems “Amazing Grace” and “Lift Every Voice and Thing.” At that time, the funeral attendees stood up.

And while silently reading Wright’s obituary, some attendees were heard softly crying.

Philland Castile’s mother, who was shot by a police officer during a traffic outage in the suburbs of Minneapolis in 2016, said, “I can’breathless’in a fatal encounter with the New York Police Department in 2014.

Also, Oscar Grant’s family, who was killed by a California traffic police officer who mistaken his service weapon for a stun gun in 2009, as in the Wright case, and a teenager who stimulated citizenship by lynching in Mississippi in 1955. Emmet Till’s family also attended. The movement and Breona Taylor’s boyfriend shot when a police officer in White Louisville, Kentucky served as a warrant in March 2020.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Governor Tim Walz, and Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey were also present.

“As long as a tag has expired means that you will lose your life while the traffic is stopped, true justice cannot be achieved,” Klobuchar said. “As long as a warrant without strangler figs, neck knees, or knocks is considered legitimate police, no true justice will take place.”

More than 12 members from the local male armed team, Minnesota Freedom Fighters, provided security.

Wright’s murder occurred when a brawl broke out when police tried to arrest Wright. Wright had a prominent warrant that he had escaped from the police and did not appear in court for having a gun without permission.

It caused protests in the Brooklyn Center, a city where the majority of the working class is not white, and hundreds of people gathered every night for a week outside the city’s tightly guarded police stations. The mayor urged law enforcement agencies and protesters to reduce their tactics, but at night demonstrators often lobbyed police officers in water canisters and rocks, and law enforcement agencies responded with pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets.


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Daunte Wright’s mother: ‘My son should be burying me’ Source link Daunte Wright’s mother: ‘My son should be burying me’

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