Day after debate, Biden and Trump scale up attacks, seeking advantage

“All he’s talking about is Covid, Covid, Covid. Because they want to scare people, ”Mr. Trump said. And on a day when the number of new coronavirus cases in the country hit an all-time high, he said, “We’ve done so well with this.

Mr. Trump also went back to some of his favorite grievances, poking fun at the media and complaining about not being treated fairly. He insisted on saying President Barack Obama’s full name, emphasizing his middle name, “Hussein,” and thanking conservative and provocative radio host Rush Limbaugh for doing it first.

At an Oval Office event earlier today announcing a peace deal between Israel and Sudan, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the phone, the president asked Mr. Netanyahu if he thought “ Sleepy Joe ”could have made such a deal. . Mr. Netanyahu paused before saying his country welcomes help from any American, acting cautiously so as not to risk insulting Mr. Biden.

The events of the campaign came a day after the two met on the debate stage for the second and final time in a clash that was overall smaller than their chaotic debate three weeks ago.

In a bid to build momentum, both candidates have campaign huts scheduled for the weekend in major battlefield states, with Mr. Biden visiting two counties in Pennsylvania on Saturday and Mr. Trump staging a wave of rallies in North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and New Hampshire over the weekend.

At his own event, Mr. Biden threw familiar beards at Mr. Trump regarding the coronavirus, but also articulated the values ​​that underpin the central argument of his campaign. In a particularly marked moment, he vowed not to “let four years of Donald Trump deprive us of the most fundamental American qualities: our hope for the future and our faith in ourselves.”

And in a clear departure from Mr Trump, who reiterated at his two rallies that the country is ‘turning the corner’ on the pandemic, Mr Biden laid out the immediate steps he would take to curb the coronavirus if he was. elected.

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