Day two runs smoother for mega vaccination event in Robstown – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-01-12 19:15:28 –

Robstown, Texas — Approximately 2,000 vaccines were distributed to people at Richard Borchardt Fairgrounds in Robstown on Tuesday, completing a total of 4,000 vaccines received on Monday.

There was a problem with the distribution on Monday, but Tuesday seems to have gone much smoother for the vaccinated.

“It really worked today. I got through here much faster than I expected,” said Taft resident Tom Danchek.

Danczek et al. Spent about two hours from start to finish. This is much shorter than the 6-8 hours I waited on Monday.

“They did a good job. Diana de Leon of Robstown said:” We’ve been here since 10:30 and it’s already 12:48. So , It wasn’t too bad. “

“Great, two hours, no problem. It was very smooth and everything was great. I’m very happy to have the first shot,” said Phyllis Smith, who lives in Robstown.

Robert Garcia, who lives in Corpus Christi, said he heard about the problem on Monday and was pleased that he didn’t experience the same problem on Tuesday.

“I waited a bit, but it wasn’t as bad as I heard yesterday. It was really pretty bad. So this was about two hours, I timed it, and it worked pretty well.” Garcia said. “I think it’s going pretty well now after yesterday’s hiccups. I’m ready to get a second virus and I’m trying to move forward, so I don’t have to worry too much about this virus. . “

But Tuesday’s event wasn’t without its problems. Similar to Sunday’s pre-registration blunder, people on Monday night had problems registering for the event online.

“For one thing, when I tried to register online, I couldn’t do all the ways to get the code,” said Gloria Rodriguez of Corpus Christi.

Rodriguez was able to enroll in Fairgrounds and received the vaccine two hours later.

“I was very impressed that everything was going very fast. I arrived here at 10:45 and was ready by 12:25. They were registered correctly so their way is great. I applaud all those who volunteer to do this kind of work. They are really easy for us older people, “she said.

Judge Barbara Canales of Nueces County said he was aware of the issues people had experienced and that those involved in planning the event would discuss ways to improve registration for the next event.

“I think the fix is ​​to have a roundtable meeting together and understand what works best. Pre-register everyone and say first-come-first-served basis, or just register everyone on the site. What I can say to people is that I sympathize. My family was frustrated trying to register like everyone else, “Canales said.

Canales also said that the event planner will learn from the issues that occurred on Monday and adapt to Tuesday, such as adding a map of the event, with further discussion before the next event. She emphasized the importance of this event and was able to provide vaccines to 4,000 people in more than 20 counties in just over 24 hours.

According to the county, an additional 4,000 vaccines will arrive on Monday, January 18. If these vaccines arrive on Monday, another mega-vaccination event will be held on Tuesday.

Day two runs smoother for mega vaccination event in Robstown Source link Day two runs smoother for mega vaccination event in Robstown

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