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All lanes of DC-295 are reopening early Thursday after the pedestrian bridge collides with the roadway. At least 5 people were injured.

At 5 am, a few hours earlier than expected, lanes were open in both directions between the US-50 and 11th Avenue Bridge.

The bridge was recently rated as in poor condition. After hitting a truck running under it, it collapsed.

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Previous story: Officials said Wednesday that they misunderstood the condition of a pedestrian bridge that collapsed on DC-295 in northeastern Washington, DC after the crash, injuring at least five people and trapping a truck that leaked gallons of diesel fuel into a drain.

Due to the impact of the collision, the bridge was pulled down at around 11:50 am, causing more collisions. Crime scenes and police investigators are trying to determine the cause of the first crash, said Chris Gerdart, deputy mayor of public security.

Authorities first said the bridge was last inspected in February and there were no structural concerns. But then, Geldart said in April 2019 that the bridge was given a national rating of 5, or “normal,” from 0 to 9. After being inspected in February, the bridge was rated 4, or “bad.” Evaluation.

Five people were injured and are expected to be okay. News 4 Pat Collins spoke with witnesses.

According to Gerdart, Rating 4 is a “threshold that encourages bridge replacement during a multi-year planning process.” “During the first read into today’s media, we misunderstood the condition of Bridge 66.”

According to Gerdart, five people in a nearby car were injured and taken to the hospital. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening. DC Fire and EMS also said they were evaluated but not hospitalized.

The Chopper4 footage shows a bridge above the three lanes of the road. The fence hangs in the opposite direction in three lanes.

“Everything you see at the scene of the accident now means that the collision will remove the bridge from mooring,” Gerdart said, adding that the findings are preliminary. “We believe this is due to a collision.”

Gerdart also said roads should be reopened by the morning rush hour, almost half a day earlier than originally planned, while authorities rebuild the crash and clean up the wreckage.

“Avoid the area,” said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. “I am very grateful to the first responders who came here soon.”

Authorities are investigating whether the truck hit the bridge. This is an estimated height of 14 feet by Geldart.

City leaders say the truck should have fit under the bridge, but will inspect all other bridges along the road the truck has taken.

Traffic reporter Adam Tas reports the collapse of a pedestrian bridge that injured five people in northeastern Washington, DC. This incident caused a major traffic delay.

The truck was partially trapped under debris and about 25 gallons of diesel fuel leaked into a nearby drain. The Dangerous Goods team has placed substances to absorb diesel and reduce the risk to waterways, said a spokesman for the DC Energy and Environment Department.

The Washington, DC Department of Energy and Environment initially stated that the truck was carrying 500 gallons of fuel. It is unknown what cargo the rollback truck was carrying.

Debris such as concrete slabs and metal fences were seen piled up on the truck at one end of the bridge. The bridge appeared to be completely off the stairs and platform.

The car near the bridge had a shattered windshield and a bent roof.

A construction worker on his way to work told News4 in Spanish that he had heard a crack and that the bridge had fallen and braked.

“At that moment you think you’ll die, so I feel blessed,” he said.

Photo: The pedestrian bridge collapses at 295 in Washington, DC. 6 hurts

Firefighters checked the car under the collapsed bridge and initially reported that no one was trapped. DC Fire and EMS first reported three minor injuries.

The bridge, which collapsed at DC-295, connected Pork Street NE to the northwestern side of Kenilworth Avenue near Douglas Street NE.

The bridge was adjacent to a set of stairs leading to a platform that was still standing. Officials said they needed to be inspected after the crash to see if they were structurally sound.

I-295, DC-295 Shut down in Washington

DC-295 was initially expected to close between US 50 / New York Avenue and the Interstate 695 interchange (near 11th Avenue Bridge) until 10 pm Thursday, but Gerdart was earlier. He said he could resume.

It is north of the official area of ​​Interstate 295.

DC said that while locals have access, everyone else should avoid the area.

Highway traffic was suspended due to the collapse of the bridge on Wednesday morning, the Metropolitan Transport Operations Coordination Bureau (MATOC) said.

Post-collapse DC-295 reported a backup of at least 3 miles north and 1.5 miles south.

According to MATOC, northbound traffic was diverted to Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue and southbound traffic was diverted to Eastern Avenue.

Editor’s Note: The collapse occurred at DC-295, north of Interstate 295.

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DC-295 Reopens After Pedestrian Bridge Collapsed Onto Traffic – NBC4 Washington Source link DC-295 Reopens After Pedestrian Bridge Collapsed Onto Traffic – NBC4 Washington

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