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Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-16 17:42:21 –

(NEXSTAR) – Superman will fight for “truth, justice, and a better tomorrow.”

At DC’s Fan Dome event on Saturday, DC Comics was updated to better reflect Superman’s long-standing motto, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” to better reflect his international story and charm. We have officially announced that we are there.

“Superman’s new motto,” Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow, “better reflects the global story told throughout DC and is believed by characters who have built a better world for over 80 years. We respect the heritage of nowhere, “said DC Chief Jimley. The Creative Officer said in a statement DC Comics Blog.. “Superman has long been a symbol of hope that inspires people around the world. It is his optimism and hope that drives him forward with this new mission statement.”

DC’s blog post further confirmed that Superman’s new motto will be featured in “all media,” including television, movies, and video games, not just comics.

As described in the 2006 article New York Times, Superman’s “Truth, Justice, and American Way” motto does not originate in cartoons, but in the “Adventures of Superman” radio series during World War II. It was removed by 1944, but was re-covered in various media, according to DC Comics editor Mark Waid, quoted in The Times.

The DC announcement will take place just days after writer Tom Taylor announces John Kent, the son of Superman’s latest iteration, Clark Kent. Came out as bisexual..

Taylor shared the news Instagram, With an illustration of John Kent kissing DC character Jay Nakamura.

DC Comics changes Superman’s motto, replaces ‘the American way’ Source link DC Comics changes Superman’s motto, replaces ‘the American way’

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