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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-05-01 11:57:47 –

The DC has relaxed the rules for vaccinated people on face covering, travel and self-quarantine with the latest executive order not to require masking from fully vaccinated patrons.

Signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser Executive order On Friday, companies say they need to serve fully vaccinated, unmasked patrons. Companies can request proof of vaccination before allowing someone to take off their mask.

The order came into effect immediately.

The updated rules apply to fully vaccinated people. This means that two weeks have passed since the first dose of Johnson & Johnson or the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

District orders recommend that people with immunity take more precautions.

DC latest mask rules

The mayor’s latest order has eased mask restrictions on vaccinated people. This shows that businesses can serve some patrons who don’t wear masks.

Unvaccinated people should continue to wear masks if they may encounter others. Previous exceptions, including exercise and diet, remain.

According to DC, rideshare, bus, taxi, van, school bus and other transportation drivers always need a mask.

Vaccinated people can:

  • Gather indoors without wearing a mask or keeping a social distance
  • Visit with one other household with unvaccinated members without masks or social distance, unless someone is at high risk for COVID-19
  • Skip masks for outdoor activities unless there is a crowd
  • Pass through apartments and condominiums without a mask
  • Proof of vaccination may be required, but will be maskless in business, office buildings, or other facilities

Companies are instructed to wear a mask or post a sign indicating that they must be fully vaccinated to enter. Under the order, businesses should endeavor to “eliminate” or expel unvaccinated people who are not wearing masks.

However, businesses, office buildings, and other facilities can allow unmasked vaccinated people in accordance with DC’s rules for complete vaccination.

Vaccinated people should wear a mask when spending time in the common areas of an apartment or condominium.

Employers can set stricter rules for their employees.

News4’s Derrick Ward talked to locals about the impact of the new guidelines.

Proof of DC vaccination rules

According to DC, businesses and institutions can ask someone to look at someone’s vaccine card or other vaccination proof to determine if they need to be masked.

Exceptions should be made to those who have medical issues or religious beliefs that ban vaccination.

Companies can limit one-time incentives or donations to those who provide evidence of COVID-19 shots.

DC’s latest travel guidelines

Vaccinated people traveling in the United States no longer need to self-quarantine after returning home.

International travelers are required to undergo a COVID-19 test before boarding a flight to the United States and 3-5 days after returning to the district.

DC’s latest COVID-19 exposure order

Most vaccinated people exposed to people with COVID-19 no longer need to be quarantined unless they begin to show symptoms. Exceptions are people living in correctional facilities, group homes, long-term care facilities, or other group environments.

DC’s Latest COVID Rules on Masks, Travel, Self-Quarantine – NBC4 Washington Source link DC’s Latest COVID Rules on Masks, Travel, Self-Quarantine – NBC4 Washington

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