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De-cluttering company donating unwanted furniture to help the homeless in Arizona – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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For families migrating from the homeless, it can be difficult to start over. Ultimately, getting a permanent roof over their heads is a big win, but the challenges faced by many are home preparation and household items such as pots, pans, and other household items. Is to find.

“When our family, single women and young people move to a new home, they move without anything. They have no beds, no pots, no pots. They have nothing to do with their homes,” urgently said. The shelter director, Mira Valle, said. UMOM.

A unique partnership with tidying and debris removal companies has helped solve some of that dilemma. The company will pick up your unwanted items and sell, donate, or recycle them. Remoov is currently donating used furniture in an easy-to-use condition to families migrating from the homeless with the help of UMOM.

Marcus Starton, Operations Director at Remoov in Phoenix, said: He added that San Francisco-based businesses helped achieve sustainability goals by keeping items away from city and county landfills.

So far, we have donated furniture and household items to five families in the area. The Ebony Rivas family was one of them.

When Rivas realized he was couchsurfing and arrived at the UMOM family shelter with his two little children, he eventually became homeless. After staying in the shelter for a few months, Revass took advantage of their vocational training program to recover, house the vouchers, and finally get what they could call their own apartment. When she got out of the UMOM shelter, Rivas said they had only back clothes.

“From the couch to the TV, like the trash can, every little thing seems to help,” says Livas.

Remoov was able to get his mother a comfortable sofa in the apartment, along with furniture on the patio.

“It made a lot of sense to me that someone donated the couch, and it ended up with me because I don’t have a couch right now,” Rivas said.

Company officials are encouraging those who dispose of household furniture and other items to consider donating to homeless shelters.

UMOM has an online wish list of items in demand.You can see what they need most Donate Wish List Items | UMOM New Day Center..

Sonuwas KNXV I first reported this story.

De-cluttering company donating unwanted furniture to help the homeless in Arizona Source link De-cluttering company donating unwanted furniture to help the homeless in Arizona

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