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deadCenter Film Festival Awards Show cites best of the best – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free Press) — Closing a busy weekend virtual and face-to-face event, and a full slate of 180 films, the best of the 16 categories of films was recognized for their excellence.

Winners were selected by a panel of nationally independent film industry experts, including acclaimed directors, producers, writers and actors.

As it has been for years, the films submitted to the festival were from all over the world, but there were also many representatives from Oklahoma.

This year’s new release is the Best Indigenous Short Film Awards sponsored by the Cherokee Nation Film Office, which includes a $ 1,000 prize, the best single cash prize of the festival to date.

Winners of the 2021 deadCenter Film Festival Awards

  • Best story features: Inbit Wien Girl, Director Mei Makino
  • Best Documentary Film: Holy Frit, Director Justin Monroe
  • Short Film Award: Play safely, director.Mitch Karisa
  • Best Short Documentary: Box, dozen.James Barnes, Char Ngo
  • Best Indigenous Shorts: Totsu (Red Bird), Director Jeremy Charles
  • Best animation: Chimney Swift, director.Frederick Schuld
  • Best music video: Ekaterina Yashnikova – Recovery, Director. Adelina Nigmatova
  • Best Screenplay: Too Many Wades, by Sterling J McLaughlin & Wilder Konschak
  • Best episode: Blackwater, director Bowers Esquera
  • Virtual Cinema Vision Award: Death Ophthalmologist, Dirs. B Rich, Brian Schrank, Brian Andrews
  • Special Jury Narrative Special: Moved in 2008 and directed.Calogero Calucci
  • Special Jury Documentary: Summer of the Soul (… or when the revolution couldn’t be aired)
  • Special Julie Short: Touch, direction Nilburger
  • Best Oakey Short: Totsu (Red Bird), Director Jeremy Charles
  • Best Okie features: Sakthi Vibrations, Dir.Zoe Shelinan
  • Best Oklahoma Screenplay: 4.15.95, by Matt Skuta

Best Okie features

Zoe Shelinin, an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma and chair of ethnomusicology, won the best okey feature in her film. Sakthi vibration Two radical Indian Catholic nuns reveal how to regain the contaminated drums of an Indian exile or Dalit. This process helps empower young female dropouts at the Sakti Folk Culture Center in southern India.

The film reveals the true power of the center when young girls, the lowest in the caste system, gain confidence through their drumming and dancing performances during the year. In addition, girls are given a simple yet effective way to earn a living by learning tailoring and basket weaving and completing high school exams.

Shelinin talked to Free Press at the opening night event earlier in the week and we asked about some of the dynamics of making films in other countries.

“I have been working in India since 1985, so I live in India and have a lot of connections,” said Shelinin. “I’ve moved a bit from the first project I worked on with some drums, a Protestant seminary and an ethnography of indigenous peoples.

However, there were some aspects that made the project more manageable.

“All those people knew each other, so I made an introduction, and it really was at the center of it,” she said.

The festival continues

The festival runs mainly from Monday to Thursday and then Saturday. For more information on signing up if you haven’t already signed up, please visit deadcenterfilm.org. Schedule..

But three Face-to-face event For those who live in the metro, the content of the festival is worth attending. See schedule for time, place and details.

WomXn panel experience Panelists will be on Tuesday’s Treasury, “covering five incredible women’s work and life experiences.”

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