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deadCenter Film Festival now officially in pipeline to Academy Awards – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-07-24 21:31:20 –

Oklahoma City (Free press) — In the first year, the Oklahoma City deadCenter Film Festival has become part of the official festival route for filmmakers to the Academy Awards®.

The non-profit deadCenter Film, the organizer of the 21-year-old festival, recently announced the academy’s choice.

It’s yet another beginning of the first year.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has designated the deadCenter as a qualifying festival for the Animation Shorts / Live Action Shorts category.

Starting at the 2022 deadCenter Film Festival, winners in these two categories will be able to participate in the Academy’s short film competition.

Alyx Picard Davis sits in the screening room of Film Row’s Paramount Building, where the deadCenter office is located. March 2019. (Bret Dickerson / Okra City Free Press)

Alyx Picard Davis, executive director of deadCenterFilm, said he was “excited across the month” to be designated, especially since he had just finished his second year of successful running the festival during COVID. rice field.

in the meantime 2020, deadCenter We held virtually the entire festival, which had its positive side. It was the first time that many foreigners were able to watch a film at a film festival, and their overseas numbers continued this year.

This summer, the festival was a hybrid of virtual and limited face-to-face events.

You can know more: It’s here! 2021 deadCenter Film Festival is face-to-face, online and virtual

“It’s not just about the consistent programming quality of deadCenter,” Davis said. “”[But,]This opportunity will continue to strengthen the efforts and passions of the entire Oklahoma film community and ensure one of the 22nd year celebrations! “

This is a big step in the fame of the dead Center, which began 20 years ago in one room with one 16mm projector at Fairgrounds.

This new designation doubles the opportunity for filmmakers looking to step up in the industry.

The movie industry is coming

This happens when the film industry is taking off in Oklahoma.

Martin Scorsese $ 200 Million Movie adaptation “Killers of the Flower Moon” was filmed near Pawhuska this summer.

When, Prairie surf media We have successfully transformed the large clear-span open space of the old Cox Convention Center in downtown into a sound stage that is much larger than most studios outside of Hollywood.

Filmmaker (and former dC Executive Director) Lance McDaniel told Free Press at the opening night this summer that the large prairie surf studio offers all sorts of opportunities thanks to space.

“If you want, you can build an entire house on one of these sound stages,” says McDaniel.

2021 is a big year

After the festival, the deadCenter released important information about participation and new partnerships.

“We are proud to attract new viewers through our creative local partnership with the Cherokee Nation Film Office and the first Best Individual Short Awards,” said Davis.

“We provided a great slate for the Queer movie, joined friends at the OKC Pride Alliance, and hosted a live, noisy award show and all-day celebration on social capital.”

The award show is effectively produced while fans, filmmakers and dC staff interact on social capital and watch on the monitor. 2021. (BRETT DICKERSON / Okla City Free Press)

Viewing statistics

  • The countries with the most viewers were Australia and Japan
  • 20 countries representing 36 regions and 64 different cities
  • 41 states
  • Total number of participants: 22,500


  • Indigenous Film Awards directed by Jeremy Charles: Totsu (Redbird)
  • Laron Chapman Appointed as Curator of Queer Programming
  • New outdoor venues: Washington Park and Wheeler Park
  • New Party Venue: Prairie Surf and Kindred Spirits Sound Stage
  • Public award show at social capital
  • Pride pass

Local venue

Short Film Fans will watch the DeadCenter Film Festival Short Film 2 Program on Saturday, June 12, 2021. (BRETTDICKERSON / Okla City Free Press)

“Thanks to local independent theaters such as the Rodeo Cinema, Oklahoma City Museum and Tower Theater, we were able to safely bring the audience back to the big screen,” said Sala Thompson, programming director at deadCenter Film.

“I really enjoyed the outdoor screenings in the Wheeler district and Washington Park. I’m happy to be back at the face-to-face dead center that our community knows and loves!”

The dates for the 22nd deadCenter Film Festival will be announced in the fall.

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