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deadCenter Film Festival short films reveal new wave of Oklahoma talent – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Film enthusiasts and film fans from all over Oklahoma enthusiastically arrived at Rodeo Cinema on Saturday to watch short films directly as part of the deadCenter 2021 Film Festival.

Dead Center’s film festival, a hybrid of this year’s virtual and face-to-face shows, celebrates its 21st anniversary this year with a 10-day feast of short films, music videos and feature films from June 10th to 20th. ..

The DeadCenter Saturday night event was the second short film screening of the night, highlighting a young talent in acting and filmmaking. This is a sign of Oklahoma City’s new predominant role in the film industry.


With Devraat Awasthi


The night began with the short film “Yarn”, a stop-motion animation by Colton Tomkins. A person made of thread came back to life and ran away. Easily the shortest movie of the night, its adversity and victory theme set the mood for the next movie.

Moving that thread forward, “The Writer’s Room” by Cary Thomas Cody and Orrin Ponkilla, followed by “Phantom Power” by Sam Brown, experimented with the horror genre.

Cody and Ponkira exaggerated the classic metaphor of 80’s horror and extracted comic relief from a horrifying story. Meanwhile, Brown worked on a serious expression of horror, infusing suspense and surprise in three minutes.

“Black Owned” by Francis Lasis, Precious Alexander and Matthew Robbins continues the history of Tulsa’s black owned business in a documentary short film.

Screenshots of the trailer for Black Owned, a short film about black owners in Oklahoma.

Interviews with three different black business owners in Tulsa highlighted the value of the community, highlighting the challenges black entrepreneurs face in their business.

“Black Owned” was followed by Ethan Cooper’s “The Audition” as part of OK | LA. This is a comedy yet realistic approach and some of the first auditions that should be a credible experience for many of the deadCenter’s audience.

Outstanding movie

The night ended with two powerful prominent ones.

Alexandra Swanbeck’s “You’re Not Safe in Your Bed” investigated the aftermath of assault by someone you could trust and the girl’s okay attempt. It’s powerful storytelling and creative camerawork made an elegant movie out of tragedy.

At the world premiere at deadCenter Stick out up Chris Oz Macintosh cheerfully portrays a gas station robbery failing in trouble.That Knives outThe story of style and the incredible cast did a quick job for the audience and won a big applause at the end of the show.

A screenshot of the Stick Up trailer that premiered at the deadCenter Film Festival.

In summary, the films screened by deadCenter highlight a new wave of Oklahoma’s talent in the film industry. The audience was full of people who supported their talent and were ready to celebrate.

Local filmmaker Mark Johns talked about his night. “It was really fun. I’m excited to come back here and see what the Oklahoma indie is doing in particular.”


“I wasn’t from Oklahoma, so I was very unfamiliar with the fact that there is an industry here … and I was very happy and surprised at what I saw today,” said Mackenzie, on the outskirts of Oklahoma City just for the festival. I did! “

The Prairie Surf Studios and Green Pasture Studios attracted old and new talent to the city, and the Martin Scorsese festival was full of excitement. Flower Moon Killer Produced in everyone’s head.

‘Cool time in the movie

President of Freestyle Creative Stick out up“It’s a cool time for the movie and a lot of news is happening,” he explained.

“The movie rebate has just passed. It’s growing. It’s expanding,” Gunn added. “Shooting here in Martin Scorsese. Minari This year he was nominated for an Oscar. so, [we have] Really talented local cast and crew. And with other projects coming to the state, it’s a really cool time with everything that’s happening in Oklahoma. ”

However, part of Oklahoma City’s growth is not due to the investment of out-of-state stars, but to the unique opportunities of creativity that Oklahoma City offers.

As Montana Moony audition, Highlighted, “Whenever I’m talking to suburban people asking about the film industry, the art industry here in the city or Oklahoma … my answer is that it’s always uncompetitive, it’s Collaborative. ”

The atmosphere of the collaboration was fully exhibited at the dead Center, providing an optimistic view of the future of Oklahoma City cinema.

Rodeo cinema
Located in the southwestern part of Stockyard City in downtown Oklahoma City, Rodeo Cinema is a non-profit organization that recently expanded to the second location on Film Row’s Paramount. (BRETT DICKERSON / Oklahoma City Free Press)

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