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deadCenter Film moves to new headquarters near Scissortail Park – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-10-21 11:13:52 –

Oklahoma City (Free Press) — The non-profit deadCenter Film organization cut the ribbon on Monday at its latest headquarters in downtown Oklahoma City.

Much larger than the previous three offices, this space allows you to further expand your business as a film education organization throughout the year.

In addition to the popular week-long deadCenter Film Festival Organization For over 20 years, it has created film festivals and film education workshops throughout the state.

Its popularity as a national and international festival has grown, and filmmakers are now part of the official festival route to the Academy Awards®.

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At Ribbon Cut, executive director Alyx Picard Davis talked about important moves for FreePress.

“This shows the progress of our place,” Davis said. “Thanks to Steve Mason, we started with the Cardinal Engineering cubicle. Thanks to Chip Fudge, we moved to Filmrow’s Heart Building. Thanks to our Paramount Partner, we moved to Paramount Building. And now we are here. And it’s just exciting. “

“It feels like growth, it’s moving forward, and now we have the space to really invite people all year round.”

Davis is 223S, just one block from Scissortail Park. I was impressed with the location of Walker. And she appreciates the other three places they have had over the years.

“Each space was the best place at the time,” Davis told us. “So we’re excited to see what we can do in this area. And when we look out, we see PayCom Center. We see Scissortail Park. We see Corcode. [Hotel], This has long been a staple of the festival. “

“You receive all these reminders about our city, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. I can’t think of anything more than I can do it every day. Thank you very much for this building. The fact that we will occupy it is a blessing. “


The appearance and location of the accommodation brings many benefits to the organization, which involves a constant flow of volunteers throughout the year and a fierce month of preparation and execution of the festival itself.

Close access to parking lots and side street parking lots, as well as bus and tram routes, allows for functional access to spots that were more difficult in previous locations.

For the first time, their headquarters will have a real backyard and garden, with many features available throughout the festival and throughout the year.

We asked Miranda Patton, Director of Operations and Festivals, what she saw as an advantage of this place.

“We have a tram just below the street that goes directly in front of Harkins. [Theater in Bricktown, a key festival location] And I’m going to do it everywhere else so that it becomes very functional, “Patton said.

“And only the office atmosphere is much better. It’s amazing what you can do with some windows, so it’s safe to have people come in and communicate with us and not in the basement. It’s great to have the space to do it. “


The 223 S. Walker building was originally built exclusively as a sign paint shop, before proper artificial lighting, where all signboards of all sizes, including signboards, were hand-painted. To meet these needs, it is a one-story building consisting of almost all window spaces on the east and south sides.

Humphreys Capitol has been used for many purposes over the years, and after being devastated for some time, restores the building to its original appearance and maximizes the building’s open space and natural light. The interior of the office designed to be readjusted.

When the Humphreys Capitol moved to a new office in the Wheeler district development just south of the Oklahoma River, they made the building available to the deadCenter and allowed the organization to use the office furniture that was already there. ..

Officials were impressed

6th Ward Oklahoma City Councilor JoBeth Hamon I came to the ribbon cut. The center of the city, including downtown, is in her ward. She talked about the importance of moving the deadCenter to new spaces and locations.

“Especially coming out of the world of COVID in which we live, and moving into this new normal world with a more open and accessible space and a more visible presence is huge. I think it’s an exciting development, “said Hamon.

Two representatives of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce came and presented a shield to the dead Center for a ribbon cut. We talked to Gary Schones about the importance of this move.

“I think visibility is probably important,” says Schones. “This is a very visible place. In fact, all the glass is at the height of the windows and the ground. So there’s a lot they can do to really get their attention.

He acknowledged the impact of the pandemic on all organizations, including the deadCenter.

“When it comes to the recovery process, I think it’s a great step for them … it just returns to the normal growth they were trying to do before COVID. This is a big asset.”

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deadCenter Film moves to new headquarters near Scissortail Park Source link deadCenter Film moves to new headquarters near Scissortail Park

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