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Like other organisms, bands tend to have a lifespan. It’s not uncommon for musicians to rejoin in different configurations if they’re lucky and crazy about playing for decades. If you keep it long enough, the yin will return as a yang.

Dwain Flowers and Daniel Kubinski have been around the block quite loudly several times in bands like Fuckface, Die Kreuzen, GoGoSlow and Boy Dirt Car. With DeadFinger, the duo begins a new chapter

DeadFinger will perform at Club Garibaldi on Friday at a show celebrating the release of PVC vinyl LPs using the Primitive Broadcast Service. Chameleon color..

DeadFinger’s debut album is a 10-song mission statement that pays homage to The Walker Brothers, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Ramones, the Sex Pistols and more. This musical twist is acoustically based. In fact, the Buegrass standard “I Am Weary” fits nicely.

“For several years, I’ve been playing acoustics and songs just for myself, not for anyone,” says Kubinsky. “I used an acoustic guitar to write a riff for the old band GoGo Slow.”

He says the duo’s name comes from writing a song with a friend who had problems playing the guitar. “She noticed that her ring finger was a little slow in the draw, and she said,” I had a dead finger. ” “

Life during a pandemic

In the fall of 2020, Kubinsky met drummer Flowers at a grocery store. They wanted to form a band during the pandemic. That would be a challenge. That is the beginning of the F / K project.

“We put a sheet of clear plastic throughout the room and split it in half so that Dwayne and I could be in the same room together. I sealed all the ends and made of plastic. I installed a zipper in the middle. On the night of the rehearsal, Dwayne called and said he was on the way, “recalls Kubinsky. “He lives just a few blocks away from me. I went and leaned over the plastic where all my guitar gear and PA were, Dwayne entered and half of the room myself. I brought it to myself. “

They wrote and rehearsed that way for months for two bands, the F / K project, and what turned out to be Dead Finger.

DeadFinger Rising

While the duo were working on F / K, a friend contacted them and asked about having a birthday party. “It’s outside Halloween and only the other two will attend. We can all be safe at a distance. Form a” pop-up band “and attend the birthday party. could you. “

The duo agreed to play it. “Oh, live music!” Kubinsky was delighted. He showed Flowers a cache of songs he had previously played with his ex-partner who came up with the name Dead Finger. “We started learning those cover songs. David Bowie’s Moonage Daydream and Miss Fitz’s Skull, like Monster Mash, are suitable for Halloween birthday parties. It seemed to be there. “

Recording challenges

Dead Finger’s album, recorded by Shane Hochstetler, retains the immediacy and energy of live performances without distraction. The performance is independent.

“It’s not like trying to work in a recording studio during a pandemic,” says Kubinski. “I’ve worked with Shane and his Howl Street Studios at GoGoSlow before, and I really liked his easy way, but” I got some killer tracks based on work ethic. prize”.

To keep things safe for Hochstetler, the duo recorded together in the main room. “As soon as Dwayne completed the drum track, we moved him out of the studio, worked on the guitar track, and finally completed the vocal track,” continues Kubinski.

Being aware of the virus, Hoxterer stood up and deflated the room for three days before the start of the next project, even after Kubinsky finished and loaded. Both Hochstetler and Kubinski were vaccinated, thanks to the recording and mixing gap. “In fact, we were able to sit together in the same room and mix the recordings. Distance. I think it was a really fun time to enjoy each other’s company and mix records.”

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