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Riverside, California 2021-06-24 05:01:57 –

A White House spokesman said the individual ban on peasant evictions for both lessors and mortgage holders was “always intended to be temporary.”

Washington — In a week before the national eviction ban expires, the White House acknowledges that urgent pandemic protection must someday end. The secret is to devise the right kind of “offramp” to make the transition without major social disruption.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the individual bans on tenant and mortgage lenders’ evictions were “always temporary.”

Both will expire on June 30th, unless extended. But Saki didn’t say if the administration had planned another extension. She said the decision was at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which imposed a ban on the rationale that allowing people to lose their homes during a pandemic was an unacceptable public health risk.

Saki said the Moratorium decision “is made by the CDC based on public health conditions.”

The White House “will not be ahead of their reputation,” she said.

“It’s not our fault, but we’re still focusing on getting the struggling Americans off the ramp when it’s done,” Saki added.

However, even as the COVID-19 pandemic threat gradually recedes, Biden is under pressure to maintain an eviction moratorium for non-medical reasons.

This week, dozens of lawmakers wrote to Biden and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, asking them not only to extend the moratorium, but to strengthen it in some way.

The letter, led by Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Jimmy Gomez of California, and Cori Bush of Missouri, extends an unspecified extension to allow nearly $ 47 billion in emergency rental assistance included in the U.S. rescue program. I asked. Tenant’s hand.

According to them, abrupt termination of support would disproportionately hurt part of the same minority community that was hit hard by the virus itself. They also responded to many home defenders by demanding automation of the protection of the moratorium and did not require any special action from the tenants to obtain that protection.

“The impact of the federal moratorium cannot be underestimated, and the need to strengthen and expand it is an urgent issue of health, race, and economic justice,” the letter said.

Diane Yentel, chairman of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, called the extension of the eviction “the right thing to do as a moral, financial, political and ongoing public health measure.”

However, the landlord, who opposed the Moratorium and disputed in court, opposed any extension. They argued that the focus should be on speeding up the distribution of rental assistance.

Bob Pineger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Apartment Association, said: In an email interview. “The affordable housing crisis is rapidly becoming an affordable housing disaster fueled by a moratorium of defective peasant evictions.

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