Dear Ruthie: Shady Season or Special Celebration? – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-15 12:45:06 –

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If you know the people of Milwalky, you’re sure to be excited about the fall here or the summer going on for another year, as you would know the people of the Milwalky. .. Whether you’re celebrating the changing seasons or crying, this month’s Brew City has a lot to excite.

From theater events and glamorous gala to Halloween public baths and the resurrection of Pridefest, there’s something for everyone in Milwaukee to enjoy in October of this year. Check out my social calendar, get a pumpkin latte and go out for fun in Cream City. But first, why don’t you read the letter from the reader?

Dear Lucy,

I’m thinking of asking my girlfriend to move with me, but I know my parents are going crazy. They know I’m a lesbian, but I’ve only been with this girl for a month. How can I tell my parents the news that she has moved with me when the drama is unlikely to continue?

Thank you,

Waiting wander

Dear Wanda,

Have been waiting. I’m sure your gal buddies are real honey, but you’re moving too fast. Get to know each other for at least another 11 months before making her part of your home.

When you spend more time together, your relationship endures the challenges of time and you’re ready to take the next step, so telling the news to mom and pop isn’t too much of a problem. It will not be. So brake, sweetie, and enjoy the moment!

Lucy’s social calendar

October 3-Jackie Cox at Hamburger Marys (730 S. Fifth St.): RuPaul’s darling Jackie Cox brings her one female show “Jackie Vision” to Brew City via Hamburger Marys. Enjoy one of two performances (7 pm and 9 pm). We will meet and greet you after each show.Tickets run for $ 25- $ 35

October 8-Big Night Out Gala at Discover World (500 N. Harvard Drive): Celebrate National Coming Out Day like a star when the team at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center hosts this memorable gala. I’m excited to be back as moderator on a dazzling night of cocktails, dinners, elbow rubs, awards and more.

October 8th and 9th-Pride Tober Fest at Henry Mayer Festival Park (200 N. Harvard Drive): Good fests can’t be suppressed. The party is ready. This year, the rainbow-filled glory known as Pridefest switched from June to October, filling the Summerfest venue with two days of fun.look Schedule, time, etc. I can’t wait!

October 13-Opening Night Hamilton Marcus Spa Forming Arts Center (929 N. Water Street): Considered one of the best musicals of its generation. Hamilton Return to Cream City. The striking combination of hip-hop, jazz, R & B and Broadway styles will continue until October 24th. To buy a ticket ($ 49 to $ 456)

October 15-“Alton Brown Live: Beyond Meals” at Riverside Theaters (116 W. Wisconsin Avenue): If you like food, music, comedy and weird experiments, Alton Brown has the perfect stage show for you. Offers! Food Network Star rolls into Milwaukee at a 7:30 pm cooking variety show. For tickets from $ 45.50 to $ 65.50.

October 21-Opening Night Heathers — Musical Goodrich Little Theater (72 W. Ninth St., Fond du Lac): Movie Heathers LGBTQ + community-loving camp staple … so why not make it a musical? Check out this weird hit presented by the Impact Theater Company until October 24th. Please refer to. $ 15 ticket.

October 29th, 30th, 31st-Lucy’s Halloween Spooky Story at Hamburger Marys (730 S. Fifth St.): Join us for three days of spooky and wild madness at the city’s Hamburger Palace. On Friday, October 29th, I will be hosting two demonic dining at the Divas Drug Show (7 pm and 9 pm). Then we’ll have an ominous Saturday brunch at 1pm. pm) Don’t forget to start your spooky Sunday fun day with a splash of suspension.See you there, but book your table first

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