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Portland, Oregon 2021-12-01 16:14:36 –

The letter to Santa is available on the USPS website as of November 30, 3021. (USPSOperation Santa)

((((KTLA) — Those who want to help fulfill their holiday gift wishes for children in need can now adopt a letter to Santa through the United States Postal Service’s “Operation Santa” program.

Recruiters can visit USPSOperationSanta.com Browse letters sent by children and families across the country, choose one or more gifts you want to buy, and send them to the writer on behalf of Santa.

“Over the last three weeks, the post office has delivered letters from across the country to Santa’s workshops at 123 Elf Road, and today they are ready to be implemented,” USPS announced on Monday.

The USPS “Operation Santa” began 109 years ago to help people in need during the holiday season. The agency said the program helped hundreds of thousands of people.

Previously, volunteers could sift letters from children at the post office and choose one or more. In the wake of last year’s coronavirus pandemic, the post office has announced that it will carry out a national campaign to make letters from all over the country available online.

“Dear Santa,” many of the letters begin before asking for a variety of gifts, such as game consoles, motorcycles, phones, and toy sets.

“How are your reindeer?” A sender named Orion asks Santa.

The program began receiving letters on November 1, but families in need can still send letters to Santa.

The letter must be placed in an envelope with a first class postage stamp. The sender must send to Santa Claus, 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888, which is Santa’s official workshop address, including the full return address (apartment number, direction information, zip code).

The letter will be postmarked by December 10th and will be uploaded to the website by December 15th. The last day to adopt the letter is December 22nd.

After choosing a letter to adopt, the user will be instructed by email to confirm that the gift arrives on time. The cost of shipping the gift package will be borne by the employer.

The letter is posted on the website twice a day and a countdown clock has been added so participants can know when a new letter will be posted.

For more information on how to properly address and stamp the perfect letter to Santa USPS website..

‘Dear Santa’: You can now adopt a child’s letter to St. Nick through USPS Source link ‘Dear Santa’: You can now adopt a child’s letter to St. Nick through USPS

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