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“Death Doula” provides assistance at the end of life

Since its establishment in 2018 National End-of-Life Doula AllianceThe end-of-life practitioner and trainer professional organization has grown to nearly 800 members. Last year, membership almost doubled, said its president, Angela Suk.There is growing interest in training programs with International End of Life Doula Association, Doulagivers,and Doula program for accompaniment and comfort, A non-profit organization run by hospice social worker Amy L. Levine.

Many of the growing interest in these programs came from artists, actors, young people, and restaurant workers who realized they were unemployed during the pandemic and realized they might still be useful. Come.

“People were reaching out from a variety of younger age groups because they realized they were dying in an unusual age group,” said Diane Button, 62, from San Francisco. I am. UVM Doula Facilitator and Members Bay Area End of Support Doula Alliance, A collection of dead workers. “It made them more aware of their own mortality rates and really wanted them to plan and obtain their documents and prior instructions in turn.”

Rebecca Riskartik, 32, a singer from Vermont, Vermont, has always felt “a kind of comfort” for death. She lost her two cousins ​​in a plane crash at the age of 12 and committed suicide four years later. She registered with UVM when Covid paused her playing schedule. Her goal is to let people know that she doesn’t have to be afraid of death. Also, they don’t have to do it alone. “It’s an honor to be able to defend someone, spend the last moments of life with them, and help them stick to their plans when they may not be able to express it,” she said. It was.

Prior to the pandemic, 35-year-old Kate Primo also worked in the music industry. After her grandfather died in Covid-19 last June, she began studying how to host the Zoom Memorial and came across the concept of Doula of Death. “I felt a big gap between the amount of sadness everyone was feeling and the resources available,” she said.She was certified as an end-of-life doula Al Arthur’s the company, Go with grace, I also volunteer for the hospice program. “I can’t believe how much I’m peeking at all this death education.”

Of course, during the pandemic, Doulas had to change the way they worked. That was one of the main challenges. They couldn’t interact directly. So, like the rest of the world, they relied on Zoom Call and FaceTime. Families often reached out for their own healing.

“Death Doula” provides assistance at the end of life

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