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Deb Haaland stands by Tracy Stone-Manning’s BLM nomination – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-07-22 14:36:10 –

On Thursday, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland upheld the choice of the Biden administration, which heads the Bureau of Land Management, as candidate Tracy Stone-Manning faces growing opposition from the US Senate Republicans over her. Link to the 1989 Environmental Obstruction Incident..

“Tracy Stone Manning has a wealth of experience and knowledge on all issues related to our public lands,” Harland told reporters during a stop in Denver. “We are confident that as soon as she is confirmed in the Senate, she will turn her nose to the grindstone and work with everyone throughout the federal government.”

The Stone Manning nomination proceeded with 10-10 votes from the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Commission. If her nomination is confirmed in the Senate, which will be considered next, Stonemanning will play a role in the Grand Junction-based agency and its role in deciding whether to allow new oil and gas drilling on federal lands. Take the lead.

Stone-Manning served as the top aide to Steve Bullock of the Democratic Party, the former governor of Montana. In 2017, Stone-Manning worked for the National Wildlife Federation and criticized the Trump administration’s policies for oil and gas drilling and mining on public lands.

The Republican Party has postponed Stone-Manning’s nomination because of its relevance to the logging incident, arguing that she cannot be trusted to lead such an important agency. In a letter sent to the U.S. Forest Office more than 30 years ago, Stonemanning warned that trees to be cut in Idaho were “spiked” with pieces of metal to protest clear-cutting of the forest. did. Spikes are potentially dangerous to loggers.

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“Tracy Stone Manning worked with eco-terrorists,” said Senator John Barrasso, a Republican in Wyoming and a Republican in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Commission. According to the Washington Post..

Harland did not deal with the 1989 incident, but Stonemanning said he had “built a lot of trust” in tackling environmental issues over the past few years.

Stone-Manning’s nomination is backed by two Colorado Senators.John Hickenlooper voted to advance her nomination at the Energy and Natural Resources Commission on Thursday, and Michael Bennett stood beside her Comments on this week’s Colorado Sun..

“So far, it’s a hit job, and it’s my feeling that people are trying to upset her nomination,” Bennett said. “It may turn out to be untrue, but so far it’s my honest feeling. She’s one of my favorite people in the US Senate (Democratic) John Tester. I swear to her that I have had a long conversation with her about her view of Western BLM. She can clear this hurdle — I do she do. I think — she can be a very effective BLM manager in Colorado and Rocky Mountain West. “

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Harland, mostly in Colorado, visits BLM’s headquarters at Grand Junction and decides whether to store it there. The Trump administration has relocated its agency from Washington, DC at the request of Colorado General Assembly, but some environmentalists have questioned the move and want BLM to return east.

Haaland promises to visit the headquarters of Grand Junction before deciding where to go.

Secretary of the Interior also met with Governor Jared Polis, US Congressman Diana Deget, and Denver’s Supreme Water official on Thursday morning to discuss the drought affecting the Southwest.

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Deb Haaland stands by Tracy Stone-Manning’s BLM nomination Source link Deb Haaland stands by Tracy Stone-Manning’s BLM nomination

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