December kicks into gear with freezing temps and a promise of more – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-12-03 08:20:00 –

KOIN, Oregon — This Friday morning, the sky was clear enough to dissipate all the heat on the surface. What’s left? At temperatures near freezing, it can mean surface frost for some.

It was the first Friday of December and rotated 180 degrees from this month. Remember just a few days ago. Morning temperatures were about 20 degrees warmer, and afternoon highs set new records in the 1960s.

In the afternoon, keep warm clothes handy, as maximum temperatures can only reach 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. It’s almost as normal as you can get for the weather in Portland. The possibility of the next rain is expected from Saturday morning to late afternoon. It gets quite cold on Sundays, but it gets dry. Highs may only reach the mid-40s. Next, the next storm system emerges from the Gulf of Alaska.

On Mondays, we are closely monitoring the decline in snow levels, primarily throughout Washington, where the coldest air pools are expected. For now, Vancouver and Portland seem to avoid sly combos. At best, it’s a show of snow flakes that fall without sticking to the ground. However, the hills over 1,500 feet stand to feel the impact. Again, many things can change now and in the meantime. Update information will be posted on this website.

What are your plans for the beach?

The arrival of the storm combined with King Tides makes the coast especially dangerous this weekend. King Tides is scheduled for December 3-5. So what makes the water rise higher than usual on the beach? How can you prepare?

The astronomical situation that produces Kingtide is the only factor that influences the height of the tides in our region. In addition to sea level rise, weather, terrain, and water depth are other factors that contribute to tide heights. When multiple of these factors are combined, the height of the tide can combine to create dramatic water levels.


For more information King Tides from Previous story I covered it.

Small Craft Advisory

Marine Weather Message National Weather Service Portland or

Columbia River

A small craft advisory from 1 pm to 6 pm (Pacific Standard Time) is available.

* What … A rough bar condition is expected.

– General sea … 7-9 feet until Friday night.

– First EBB … Friday around 33:00. Near 11 feet of sea where breakers are possible.

– Second EBB… Very strong ebb tide around 35:00 pm on Friday. Near 13 feet where breakers are likely to occur.

* Location … Main channel of Columbia River Bar.

* When … Small Craft Advisory, early this morning until 6am PST.

Small Craft Advisory, from 1 pm today to 6 pm PST tonight.

* Impact … The situation is dangerous for small vessels, especially when navigating at or near the entrance to the harbor. Precautions / Preparatory Measures… Small vessels need to be very careful when navigating at or near the entrance to the port.


December kicks into gear with freezing temps and a promise of more Source link December kicks into gear with freezing temps and a promise of more

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