Defendant in a stock hijacking case set to plead guilty

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According to court records, two of the three men charged with a serious plan to hijack a dormant shell company and fraudulently raise shares will be found guilty in the October case. ..

Records show that one of the defendants, Christopher James Radikaran and Gaiana of Queens, NY, made a change to the plea hearing scheduled for October 7 in federal court in Minnesota on Monday.

Judges denied Rajkaran’s recent efforts to be released from a Minnesota prison last week and said in court that they “carry a significant risk of absence.” Rajkaran’s lawyer declined to comment on Tuesday.

Another defendant, Mark Allen Miller, offers $ 25,000 in unsecured personal identification bonds for free.According to last week’s plea change, the same court will plead guilty on October 14.

Miller’s lawyer did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Miller, a general contractor living in Breezy Point, Minnesota, and Radicalan, had previously acquitted 15 securities frauds, plots of securities fraud, and transfer fraud.

The change in their plea notice does not state what crimes they plead guilty to.

Saeid Jaberian, the third defendant in the case, will be tried in this case for now.

Javerian, a resident of Minnesota, also known as Andre Javerian, has also been acquitted on the same charges as the other two men and is free with an unsecured $ 25,000 deposit.

The trio was charged with a grand jury indictment in June and accused of using fake resignations claiming to be from others to seize control of the four shell companies. Digitiliti, Encompass Holdings, Bell Buckle Holdings, When Utilicraft Aerospace Industries — From 2017 to 2019.

According to the indictment, Miller and Javerian, and the unidentified person associated with Miller, were actually the nominal CEO and president of the target company.

Men have been accused of using the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR public filing system and fake press releases to soar the stock prices of these companies, claiming new business opportunities. According to the indictment, these companies did not actually have any significant business or revenue.

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According to a court petition, men bought millions of shares in the company, often for less than one penny per share, and were sold in the over-the-counter market with a profit of as much as 900%.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. federal prosecutor’s office in Minnesota refused to comment on Tuesday about Miller and Radikaran’s upcoming plea, but three men had previously made hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal profits. He said it was believed to have been.

Javerian’s lawyer hijacked the dormant shell company in a court filed in late August, saying, “In future trials, Javerian’s defense needs to claim that Miller is fooling him.” Unknowingly participated in the plan to do.

The SEC in June sued Miller individually in a civil proceeding.Hut accused him of “a fraudulent plan targeting at least seven inactive penny stock companies … by hijacking five companies, making false and misleading statements, and mispromoting them. increase. [companies] I’m going to benefit from the stock “pumps and dumps”. “

These inactive companies allegedly targeted by Miller in the SEC’s complaint include four companies identified in the criminal accusation. Strategic asset leasing, Simulated environment concept, When Baby Beverage..

Miller when he was charged Involved in efforts to take control of the Florida penny stock company, New World Gold Corporation., It has not been named as one of his alleged targets in either criminal cases or SEC civil proceedings.

Mirror voluntarily Proceedings He had Submitted to Florida as part of his efforts Less than two weeks after CNBC reported their involvement in New World Gold.

New World Gold shares rose from a high of $ 0.0275 per share on June 3, two weeks before the news of Miller’s criminal case was reported, to $ 0.0012 per share on Tuesday afternoon. NWGC shares fell more than 29% in trading by late Tuesday, Over 21 million shares have been replaced.

Defendant in a stock hijacking case set to plead guilty

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