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Defense, powerful rushing attack propel Breaux Bridge to shutout win over Beau Chene | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-23 01:12:00 –

The Blowbridge Tigers defeated the Boschen Gators 40-0 on Friday night, illuminating both sides of the ball.

Blowbridge won two games in a row, breaking the record to 4-5 with a Friday night victory.

Blowbridge head coach Stephen Rotiev attributed the shutout to blocking Boschen’s attack.

“We had to stop running,” Rotiev said. “Our biggest problem was ourselves, but when we line up correctly, we’re okay. We played a soccer game with almost no doubt.”

Blowbridge’s defensive advantage began at the beginning of the first quarter. They were able to stop BeauChene’s fake punt attempt, and Breaux Bridge controlled the game from that point on Friday night.

Blowbridge didn’t allow points and faced Boshen’s junior quarterback Jaki Sharp all night.

Antonio Alexander of Blowbridge Junior Defensive Back was notable for being involved in most of the play played in Defensive Back. Senior defensive lineman Christian Roberts also spent a decent night putting pressure on the quarterback and forcing him to sharply remove the ball quickly.

“They (Alexander and Roberts) are both great athletes and both are students of the game,” Rotiev said. “They laid our foundations and when we win the line of scrimmage, everyone else can play. We played good team football tonight.”

Rotiev attributed his defensive success to winning a line of scrimmage battle with tough enemies.

“These cats (Beau Chene) are scary,” Lotief said. “We said we had to stop running, and we made what we had to do aggressive.”

Unfortunately, the blow bridge was unstoppable, especially playing soccer. All five blowbridge touchdowns were in a hurry.

Thanks to a successful running attack, Blowbridge’s sophomore quarterback Kelby Hypolite had an easy night. Hypolite only threw the ball a few times, but still handed it over to the playmaker, allowing aggressive lines to dominate the blocking game.

“Children are starting to believe a little more,” Rotiev said. “It just worked for us, it’s not complicated. We focus on it, make better efforts, and do the little things right.”

Blowbridge’s sophomore receiver, Mason Demoche, stood out aggressively on Friday night. Demouchet recorded three of Blowbridge’s five touchdowns, including a 65-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Blowbridge tried a two-point conversation after doing all five touchdowns tonight. All five were successful attempts.

“We don’t have a kicker,” Rotiev said. “Rather than having a one-point conversation 10 times, I’ve done it 5 times 5 times tonight, so it’s the same point.”

The Blowbridge attack was so successful tonight that I never punted.

“The offense did what they had to do, and we didn’t have to punt the entire game,” Rotiev said. “It’s good because we did what we wanted to do.”

Blowbridge is aiming to continue his winning streak next week against the Operusus Tigers. Boshen will face the Albany Hornets next week.

Defense, powerful rushing attack propel Breaux Bridge to shutout win over Beau Chene | High Schools Source link Defense, powerful rushing attack propel Breaux Bridge to shutout win over Beau Chene | High Schools

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