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According to police, DNA evidence links Alex Ewing with the 1984 killings of Bruce and Debra Bennett’s three members and their seven-year-old daughter Melissa. Only the 3-year-old Vanessa on the right survived.

Alex Ewing’s lawyer claimed in the opening statement of a murder trial in Arapahoe County on Tuesday that the Aurora family could not be killed alone in 1984.

Ewing (60) was tried once in 1984 for the murder of his parents Debra (26) and Bruce (27), and the Bennett family, including his seven-year-old daughter Melissa, who was also raped. increase. The youngest member of the family, Vanessa Bennett, aged three, survived a terrible attack.

Prosecutors allege that Ewing used a hammer and knife to kill his family and brutally beat victims throughout the house. However, public defender Stephen Macrohan said evidence of the incident, including fingerprints found at home that were not of Ewing or family members, pointed to multiple attackers.

Macrohan argued that the evidence of multiple attackers meant that the investigators ignored important evidence pointing to another person, damaging the entire prosecution’s case.

“One wouldn’t really have been able to do this,” McCrohan said. “Rather than saying that Alex Ewing and someone else did this, the prosecution says that this simple version that the prosecution needs to make you believe doesn’t even match what their own crime scene says.”

In the opening statement, John Kellner, a lawyer in the 18th Judicial District, focused on two important pieces of evidence linking Ewing to the case. The DNA collected from the comforters and carpets at the crime scene matched Ewing’s DNA.

“Beyond reasonable doubt, the evidence proves that the defendant is guilty of the murder of Bruce and Debra Bennett and of the violent rape and murder of seven-year-old Melissa Bennett. “He said. “At the end of this proceeding, please support the truth and return the verdict supported by the evidence and the law. This accused is guilty of all charges.”

The attack on the Bennett family on the night of January 15, 1984 was one of similar attacks in the Denver area during the 12 days when a so-called “hammer killer” sounded a warning bell throughout the metro. range. Also, 50-year-old Patricia Smith, who was attacked with a hammer at Lakewood’s home on January 10, 1984, was killed.

Defense says multiple attackers carried out Aurora family’s 1984 slaying Source link Defense says multiple attackers carried out Aurora family’s 1984 slaying

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