Dehergad Fort

Dehergad Fort

                                   Dehergad Fort

The once home of the Maratha kingdom i.e. Maharashtra houses several structures of the might of the rulers of this Kingdom. Maharashtra houses several ancient structures belonging to this period. The large and expansive Maratha Kingdom had structures erected in the form of forts and palaces for catering to certain needs. There are forts which used to look after the maritime business of the kingdom as Maharashtra is a coastal state. Then there are forts erected for security as well as strategic purposes. Dehergad Fort is one such fort housed in the city of Nasik. Nasik is home to a lot many forts. Most of them are intact while very few are in remains.

More about Dehergad Fort

Beautifully carved out steps leads one to the entrance of Dehergad Fort. These are carved out of stone and the entire structure of the fort is make out of stone itself. The main entrance of the fort is destroyed. On the left side of the entrance one can find the presence of a dry tank. On the east of the Dehergad Fort lies an extra three tanks. There also exists three joint tanks on the south and west sides of the fort. These tanks used to serve as the source of water for the people during those times. The architecture and skill employed in making the entire structure id worth being appreciated.  The fact that Dehergad Fort is an entirely stone structure make some wonder of the efforts that were employed in carving out a structure of such magnitude.

Dehergad Fort also houses a Shiva Temple. This temple houses a divine Shiva linga. The temple too is somewhat destroyed but one can feel the divinity of this temple reach ones bones when in here. The temple serves as a pleasing sight. Religious and spiritual people have a great time when in here.

Things to do in and around Dehergad Fort

Dehergad Fort is a hill fort. As a result of which this place is one of the best location for trekkers and hikers. Nature enthusiasts love visiting this place. One can even do camping in here.

The trek up the fort is full of wonderful experiences. One gets to witness nature at full length as well as explore them. The lush green forests in here reverberates peace and calm in the entire area.

Dehergad Fort is a wonderful location for people who are explorers of ancient structures. This fort has undergone and withstood several perils. The ancient and artistic look of the fort makes one want to unravel the stories of its past.

The view from atop the fort is completely spectacular. This place is the perfect location for people who like photography. The hills lining the entire fortification is a fair sight. One can sight greenery as far as the eye can spot.  The fact that this area is exempt from the perils of urbanization makes it an all the more serene destination. One even gets a chance to meet the villagers at the base village of the fort and interact with them. This is an enriching experience as one gets to explore their way of life and also pick their local specialty.

A Tourist’s Guide

Dehergad Fort is open on all days of the week. Entry is not ticketed here. One has to first reach the base village of Dehergad or Deherawadi in order to climb up the fort. This can be reached via the Nasik-Dharamapur Road. It takes a trek of about an hour from Deherwadi for reaching the Dehergad Fort. Public transport is available for reaching the base village easily. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station which is 29.5 km away from here. The nearest airport from Dehergad Fort is Gandhinagar International Airport at a distance of 26 km. One cannot find accommodation facility anywhere near the fort but the city of Nasik has several options. One can find hotels ranging from budget to premium hotels in her.

A visit to Dehergad Fort is a revitalizing experience. The natural aura of this place is mesmerizing. When in here one forgets about one’s worries. A weekend trip to Dehergad Fort is all one needs for getting all charged up for the week ahead.

Vaagisha Singh

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