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Corpus Christi, Texas — The truck industry is an important part of transportation throughout the country and locally in Texas.

“Many people aren’t aware that the truck industry is huge. Just in Texas, one in sixteen is in the truck industry with some capacity. 85% of all products are in trucks. We need to move, “said John Rojas, director of transportation training services at the University of Delmer.

DMC provides transportation Training course, Students can get a commercial driver’s license in about 4 weeks (10 weeks for students taking classes at night). This class is available to anyone over the age of 18 who has a valid Texas driver’s license who can pass DOT physical and drug tests.

“If you can meet these requirements, you can win a CDL and be on your way to a career with great benefits,” Rojas said.

Students work with instructors with hands-on experience, such as DMC Asst. Lynette Cervantes, director of transportation training services. Cervantes was not only a former driver who drove in 48 states and Canada, but she and her husband owned their own trucks. She is also a former DMC student.

“When I first introduced myself to a student, I could say,’I was right where you are.'” I was that scary person who wasn’t near the truck. I’ve done it, if I can do it, you can do it, “Cervantes said.

She also emphasized the importance of the trucking industry and how it affects almost everyone who experiences it.

“If you eat it, take it, wear it, and live in it, it’s all put on the truck at some point,” she said.

Before grasping the handlebars of the vehicle, students must first go through the theory part of the class. There you will learn about the laws and regulations that must be followed and the importance of managing trucks.

Then practice driving in a state-of-the-art simulator where the instructor can control the conditions.

Students then practice using trucks in college parking lots before transporting the trucks to the road.

Some students take courses when they are young, as they can make a fair amount of money at the entry level. After working in another field, moving to the industry.

“I’m engaged in oil and gas and there are so many ups and downs that I wanted to pursue my career with something that was always available and always there,” said current student Raymond Gonzalez. ..

“I’ve been a plumber for over 10 years and had to see if I could do anything different. I always wanted to be a truck driver, which I have This is my first chance to pursue that little dream I had. “

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for truck drivers nationwide.

“All our local and national carriers need drivers, and they park their trucks in the parking lot,” Rojas said. “These carriers find it difficult to get qualified drivers, so they are really focused on schools that have a good curriculum and meet federal guidelines.”

DMC training courses are in high demand. Currently, the next available opening of the course is November 8th for daytime learning. According to Rojas, the program has already booked classes for the evening of February.

“It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the industry. We’re doing our best to help the community and those who want to get into the truck industry,” he said.

Del Mar College helping to fill vacancies in trucking industry Source link Del Mar College helping to fill vacancies in trucking industry

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