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In 2023, the 4.5-mile rail-to-trail project, known as the Del Rio Trail, will be open to the public.

From Southland Park to the Bill Conlin Sports Complex, the Del Rio Trail facilitates a cycling route to downtown, allowing cyclists to enter Satterview Road, head north on the Sacramento River Bike Trail and join the American River Bike Trail. I will. At Discovery Park.

Trails are a local amenity and provide important additional functionality for shared trail networks off the streets of the city. An important link will be created between South Sacramento and Central City, connecting Sacramento River Parkway, Bill Conlin Sports Complex, Z’berg Park, Charlie-Jensen Park, Land Park and Mirror Park.

The trail is now fully funded and will be built in a single phase. Since last spring, the city of Sacramento has adopted a preliminary engineering concept approved in the environmental document and has begun to transform it into a bidtable project plan built by the general contractor. The city also worked on the permits required for the projects identified in the environmental documents. A public meeting is scheduled for May 24th at 6pm to update the progress of the project to the community. This is a virtual conference, and interested people can sign up at

The project includes a proposal to widen the existing railroad crosswalk on Interstate 5 just north of Sutterville Road. According to Randolph, in order for Caltrans to approve this widening on the highway, the city will need to complete the complete Caltrans bridge design process, including a review of the bridge concept and a review of structural design findings. there is. “This process helps to minimize the impact of construction and ensure the safety of travelers on interstate highways,” he explained.

As part of the project, the city is considering strengthening several locations on the trail that are the entrance to the corridor, keeping in mind that these features can be maintained for years to come. Features considered in these locations include decorative pavement and wayfinding.

Each pedestrian crossing was analyzed based on vehicle traffic and speed, and city pedestrian crossing guidelines. Treatment will vary from location to location based on these conditions and may include curb expansion, rectangular fast flashing beacons, and traffic lights.

This plan does not include railway restoration for future use. The currently installed rails will be preserved as part of Sacramento’s train history, but will not be completely rebuilt.
The railroad was developed in 1912 and helped Delta farmers. The railroad was no longer used during the Great Depression, and the Southern Pacific Railroad abandoned it in 1978. Once abandoned, the state took over part of the operation. Regional Transit purchased part of the railroad for the use of light rail, but never used it. RT provided it to the city for the Del Rio pedestrian / bike path. .. The problem with trails is the use of railroad tracks.

Overall, the project was supported by a wide range of communities and the project was able to secure funding. Randolph explained that the project was made possible by a special grant from California to facilitate active transport. These funds are paid for environmental analysis and for trail design. The project also met the regional goal of improving trail connectivity, so construction funding was subsequently planned by the Sacramento Regional Government Council. Then, in 2019, the Sacramento Regional Transit Authority’s board of directors agreed to promote the project as a joint venture and to transfer ownership of the corridor to the city. This transaction was completed last year.

Environmental documents were, among other things, challenged by railroad advocates who claimed that the city underestimated the future use of the train corridor. The city won the proceedings, which delayed the design.

As part of the project, Randolph explained that the city is partnering with the Sacramento Railroad Foundation to appreciate the opportunity to convert historic railroad artifacts into trail amenities. “Including these facilities may be under another project, but the Del Rio Trail team has identified corridor opportunities for these enhancements and railroad themes in some landscape architecture. Other opportunities for the project may be evaluated after the project is built, “he said.

The city is currently dealing with intrusions into public property that need to be coordinated for the benefit of public safety and public use.

Residents notified of these intrusions are encouraged to contact the city to discuss options, according to Randolph. “The city is committed to fairly resolving these intrusions and benefiting local neighbors and residents in a way that meets the short-term and long-term needs of the trail.”

Community members are encouraged to sign up for a stakeholder database on the city’s website. questions can be sent to project manager Adam Randolph.

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