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The city of Delano aims to expand its footprint by 20% with an annexation of nearly 2,000 acres, which, if approved later this month, will be folded into former federal property that could later be used for residential and commercial development. increase.

The proposal under consideration by the Kern County District Office Formation Committee will add irregularly shaped land between Casey Avenue in the west and South Albany Street in the east. It stretches south past Wooloms Avenue between Mettler Avenue and Casey Avenue, but never reaches north of West Cecil Avenue.

Some existing homes will be part of the renovation and ownership will not change, but will give city jurisdiction over the land of the county, which is no longer incorporated. The homeowner involved will be a city resident and will therefore pay less for municipal water and sewerage services.

The main motivation behind the annexation was to extend the city boundaries to include the former Voice of America radio station, which had not been used for years. The city paid the federal government $ 5 million in 2020 for its approximately 800 acres of real estate.

Maribel Reina, manager of the city of Delano, said on Monday that Voice of America real estate could be converted to a variety of uses, from retail stores and other commercial establishments to single-family homes and even apartments.

She said the city had not decided how she wanted to use the property, adding that the city council supported the annexation as the idea advanced over the years.

“I hope the city can continue to grow (by annexation),” Reina said. “We are growing southwest and this property fits well with our current plans.”

She said it was the new airport that the annexed land would not be used. Proposals to move the city’s airport west to the former radio facility have been shelved. The latest ideas for relocating the airport call for moving the airport east to meet the potential expansion of local operations by The Wonderful Co.

Although the city was primarily interested in broadcasting facilities, LAFCO urged the addition of county land to avoid creating islands of unincorporated assets within the city limits.

Chris Mink, Head of Interim Community Development at Delano, said the facility is adjacent to the city’s land, so it’s not difficult to equip the broadcast facility with infrastructure such as sewers and water.

He added that the annexation represents a rare opportunity to expand productively.

“I think this was a unique opportunity because that (VOA) asset is a huge asset that has been held by the federal government for a long time,” says Mynk.

So far, LAFCO staff have not made any recommendations on whether to proceed with the proposed merger. Executive Officer Blair Knox said the agency was unaware of the formal development proposal for the land in question.

Last year, the city and county agreed on how to divide the taxes on real estate between the two governments.

Another annexation plan is under consideration to add 37 acres of unincorporated county land north of the Garces Highway and east of Browning Road (enough for about 60 single-family homes). The proposal came from a home developer and there is not yet a firm schedule for when the merger will be approved by LAFCO.

A larger merger plan will be considered by the Commission on May 25th.

Delano looks to grow 20% with annexation including former VOA site | News Source link Delano looks to grow 20% with annexation including former VOA site | News

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