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Delegate wants names of VBCPS librarians to know if they’re going ‘rogue,’ ordering sexually explicit books – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2022-05-23 01:01:02 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Librarians have become the latest target for anyone trying to challenge books within Virginia Beach City Public School.

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Last week, a lawyer and Dr. Tim Anderson (R-Virginia Beach) filed a request for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and asked for the identity of each school’s librarian. He said all the books were brought to him by his parents, worried about the sexual content contained in them.

This happens after Anderson filed a proceeding in which the judge ordered the two books to be given only to students with the prior parental consent.

but, After years of threat to public educationThere are concerns about what Anderson would do with the librarian’s name.

A push to remove a particular book from the school library, Greater national efforts by conservatives to make public education an important political issue. Backed by the same parents who first packed the school board meeting and expressed opposition to hiding obligations and other COVID-19 measures, the focus was on chasing content that conflicted with conservative values. I moved.

This includes teaching about social justice, gender, race, history, and sexual content.

As Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-Va.), This strategy was successful last November. Won the election victory by defending “parental rights”.. “

Virginia Beach was triggered by last year’s and recent book reviews. “Genderqueer” was banished by the school board. The book, advertised as a “useful and inspiring guide to gender identity,” contained sketches of sexual activity.

Anderson said, “Lone Boy“”Fog and anger court” When “Saga“Has arrived at the school library in the first place. Some include depictions of explicit sexual scenes.

“If librarians can put whatever they want in this library, we are very concerned about it,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s FOIA requires all documents related to the approval of books at VBCPS, how long they have been there and the number of libraries in which they are located.

“A very graphic book, like a court of fog and anger [at Lynnhaven Middle School].. But that’s not the case in other junior high schools, “Anderson said. “We’re about to hit the bottom with that. We want to know who the librarians are and what role they play in this process. How this all works at Virginia Beach. Do you … It’s completely inappropriate for sixth graders to get in there. Get the book with your parents. ”

Anderson represents Tommy Altman, who turned from a military veteran to a tattoo artist, one of four candidates seeking a Republican nomination for Virginia’s second parliamentary district.

Altman is looking for the Virginia Beach Circuit Court Issue a restraint order Ban Barnes & Noble bookstores from selling both “genderqueer” and “fog and anger courts” to minors. He is seeking another order prohibiting VBCPS from lending books directly to minors.

Anderson said Barnes & Noble had not yet responded to the proceedings, but said in a statement that VBCPS does not believe it was the party to the first proceeding in the book. ..

“The school board and school district are not parties to the petition for an obscene ruling under 18.2-384 of Virginia law,” John Sutton said in a statement on behalf of the district. “After consulting with the school board, the school board’s legal counsel will discuss with the school board the applicability of this law to the school district.”

Kathleen Slinde, president of the Virginia Beach Education Association, which represents some teachers in the district, said she heard some concerns from librarians.

“VBEA fully supports librarians and media specialists in their professional ability to make trained decisions,” says Slinde.

When asked if he plans to publish the names of individual librarians, Anderson said it depends on what he finds.Anderson is following Facebook Familiar when rallying his base towards a particular cause..

“It’s about making people responsible for their actions,” Anderson said. “It’s either the librarian is behaving fraudulently or violating existing policies, or illegal policies are being enforced. We’re adopting the system.”

Delegate wants names of VBCPS librarians to know if they’re going ‘rogue,’ ordering sexually explicit books Source link Delegate wants names of VBCPS librarians to know if they’re going ‘rogue,’ ordering sexually explicit books

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