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Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael, and William “Rodi” Brian, who recorded the video, have all been charged with murder for Arbury’s death.

Brunswick, Georgia — ** WARNING: The videos contained in this article may be annoying to some people.

Verdict monitoring is underway on Wednesday and deliberations will resume at 8:30 am. Armauder Berry’s Death Trial..

Arbury was shot dead on February 23, 2020. Mobile phone video leaked to the public Shows two armed white men on a truck approaching while a 25-year-old black man is running down the road. One of the men, later identified as Travis McMichael, and Arbury struggle for McMichael’s shotgun before Arbury is shot and collapsed.

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael, and William “Rodi” Brian, who recorded the video, have all been charged with murder for Arbury’s death.

Live update:

1:26 pm: Verdict was given on the death of the Armode Arbury trial. Please look forward to the update.

12:30 pm: The sheriff’s agent emptied and locked the court while everyone was focused on finding food. Gough said he had just been to Tipsy’s and was happy. The jury asked for guidance on whether to deliberate through lunch, but there are no clear words yet. There are rumors that pizza was ordered, but it’s unconfirmed.

9:58 am: The jury returns to the deliberation room.

9:50 am.. : The judge stated that watching the videos had to be done in court and did not send them back to watch with the jury during the deliberations.

9:49 am: “The jury will request that you watch each of the following videos three times. 1. Original video, short version. 2. Enhanced high contrast version. Next, I would like to hear Greg McMichael’s 2/23 911 call. “

9:30 am: According to the deputy sheriff who just arrived at 9:27 am, the jury asked to watch the video, but it’s unclear which video to watch, but they need to go back to court to watch it.

9:11 am: Outside the court, a small circle of prayer is formed. Rev. Al Sharpton is expected to pray with the Arbury family as they enter court.

8:40 am: The second day of deliberation begins. After nearly six and a half hours of deliberation last night, the jury initially said he wanted to continue past 6 pm and thought the verdict was imminent. However, the judge sent them home at around 6:15.

8:30 am: Deliberation by the jury is scheduled to begin.

8:28 am: Outside the courtroom, Ben Crump says Arbury is “a runaway slave, they chased him to catch him, and they killed him.” He says the only question left is, “Is this jury going to give us Jim Crow’s verdict?”

8:11 am: A lawyer arrives at the courthouse and enters the side door. First Coast News Reporter Renata di Gregorio says he saw Arbury’s sister go to court this morning.

8:00 am: This morning’s National Prayer Day is hosting a pagan prayer rally for Amado Arbury’s justice. Click here to see..

Tuesday Summary:

6:15 pm: The judge calls the jury back to court and orders the jury to take a break for the night. The judge will instruct the jury not to deliberate further until the court reopens at 8:30 am on Wednesday.

5:56 pm: The judge asks the foreperson if the jury wants to take a break for the day. Foreperson said they were “going” to the verdict, but thought it would be right to break.

However, shortly thereafter, the jury was informed by the judge that he wanted to continue the deliberation. The judge agrees and allows the jury to continue. The court is currently adjourned.

5:53 pm: The judge wants to tell the lawyer that he is looking for a jury’s predecessor and ask if the verdict is imminent.

5:48 pm: Pool reporters say she’s back in court, and will soon be back on record.Pool thinks the jury has a question or is a status update

11:43 am: The jury is under deliberation

11:00 am: Travis and Gregory McMichael stare as the judge reads the instructions for the claim.

10:51 am: The judge is reading the billing instructions to the jury. Then they start deliberations.

10:33 am: Prosecutors say he shows a picture of Arberry lying dead on the ground, and his baggy shorts show that he isn’t armed. Defendant says he knew he wasn’t armed. When the photo is displayed, Wanda Cooper Jones relies on lawyer Lee Merritt. Marcus Arbury rushes out of court.

10:18 am: Dunikoski may appear to the jury that only one person has put his finger on the trigger, but Georgia law makes it seem as if everyone has a gun, so they are all guilty.

10:09 am: Dunikoski points out a contradiction between what Travis McMichael told the police and what he told the stand. McMichael claimed that it was because he had run out of species after the shooting. Dunikoski says his story changed to protect himself in court. She says he didn’t tell the police he knew about the items stolen from the English boat.

9:57 am: Dunikoski returns to her main argument talking about the entire trial, stating that the defendant made a driveway decision, assumed the worst of Arbery, and led to his death.

9:46 am: “How about empathy,” says Dunikoski. Defendant says he should have asked himself, “What am I doing to others … what does it look like from their point of view?”

9:41 am: Dunikoski: “Why don’t you bring a shotgun? If you don’t intend to kill someone, don’t point your gun at anyone.”

9:40 am: Outside the courthouse, the barricade has been moved further away from the front of the courthouse. Officers say the activist is responding to Monday when he was on the lawn of the court with a semi-automatic rifle.

9:31 am: Defense again opposes how Dunikoski offers a civil arrest law. Laura Hogue says Dunikoski shares an “interpretation” of her law. The judge told Dunikoski that he would give the jury a law again, and she doesn’t have to.

9:14 am: The court takes a five minute break.

9:13 am: Defendant lawyer Bob Rubin has filed a petition for illegal trial, alleging that the prosecution misrepresented the instructions for prosecution regarding the Citizen’s Arrest Act. The judge dismisses the allegation.

9:02 am: Arbury’s family attorney Lee Merritt states that this morning’s counterargument from the state is a “rare opportunity” to reflect and respond to defense. He says racism benefits white defendants, and it’s great to hear a counter-argument just before the jury begins deliberations.

8:57 am: Dunikoski states that the defendant has provoked Arbery and the defense cannot claim self-defense. “Who started this? It wasn’t Amado Arbury.”

8:47 am: Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski begins a state rebuttal, reiterating that the accused does not meet the criteria for arresting a private person. “If you’re going to get the law with your own hands, you know better what the law is,” she says.

8:42 am: First Coast News Reporters have heard that if the jury does not reach today’s verdict, it wants to discuss it all day on Wednesday, and if it doesn’t get a verdict on Wednesday, it wants to go back to Friday to discuss it.

8:30 am: The court will be reconvened at 8:30 am. The prosecutor has the option to refute the closing argument of the defense before the jury’s deliberations begin.

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See the full closing argument from Monday below:

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Deliberations expected to begin in death of Ahmaud Arbery trial Source link Deliberations expected to begin in death of Ahmaud Arbery trial

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