Deliberations underway in R. Kelly sex trafficking trial in Brooklyn – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-09-24 14:37:58 –

New York-R. Kelly’s fate fell into the jury’s hands after weeks of ridiculous testimony in his sexual misconduct trial.

Seven male and five female juries began discussing extortion and sexual trafficking charges against R & B superstars on Friday.

The prosecutor and the defense lawyer finished closing arguments this week. The 54-year-old singer runs a Chicago-based criminal enterprise and has been accused of recruiting accusations for unwanted sex and mental distress.

Witnesses said Kelly exposed them to the sadistic whims of twisting them when they were minors. He denied cheating.

“Music, fame, and celebrities believed that music, fame, and celebrities could do whatever he wanted,” in a fierce rebuttal to the closing argument of the defense, who portrayed Kelly as a victim of false accusations in a federal court in Brooklyn. “.

But she added, “He’s not a genius, he’s a criminal. He’s a predator.” She added that his alleged victims were “not groupies or gold miners. They are humans.”

After Shihata was over, Judge Anne Donnelly of the US District Court began her final instructions for the jury. The jury later began deliberations.

Perhaps best known for the 1996 blockbuster “I Believe I Can Fly,” 54-year-old Kelly has been acquitted of accusing him of abusing women, girls and boys for over 20 years. ..

He has also been charged with multiple violations of the Mann Act, which makes it illegal to transport someone across state boundaries “for immoral purposes.”

Prosecutors say evidence proves how Kelly, with the help of loyal members of his aides, used tactics from the Predator Playbook to sexually exploit victims. say.

The tactics were to isolate them in a hotel room or recording studio, apply degrading rules such as calling him “daddy”, shoot video recordings of the jury’s trial, and use him as a means. The prosecutor said to control them, which included having sex with others.

In his closing remarks, defendant lawyer Devlow Kanick told the jury that the testimony of several whistleblowers was full of lies and that “the government lied to them.”

Canick argued that there was no evidence that Kelly’s whistleblowers were never forced to do anything against their will. Instead, Canick said Kelly’s girlfriend was stuck because he messed them up with free air travel, shopping, and a gorgeous supper-a treatment that didn’t believe the predator’s label.

“He gave them a luxurious lifestyle,” he said. “That’s not what predators are supposed to do.”

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Deliberations underway in R. Kelly sex trafficking trial in Brooklyn Source link Deliberations underway in R. Kelly sex trafficking trial in Brooklyn

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